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‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč2022 - 2023
‚Äč‚ÄčMateo Algeri
‚ÄčAutumn Brioux 
‚ÄčLuke Coffin 
‚ÄčTatem Dawson 
‚ÄčIsacc Dillon 
Dylan Garrison
‚ÄčBilly Hindmarch 
‚ÄčJames Howlett 
‚ÄčRyan Howlett 
‚ÄčEddie Van Dyke 
‚ÄčHenry VanDyke 
‚ÄčRiley Webb 
‚ÄčTim Mignault 
‚ÄčJim Coffin 
‚ÄčConnor Quinton 
‚ÄčZach Pascoal 

               thumbnail_IMG_5290.jpg‚Äč IMG_2279.jpeg
Season summary: 
The Holy Cross wrestling team had a very successfull first season back from COVID with lot's of new faces eager to partake. The season began with intense practices which led to the KASSAA wrestling festival which was hosted by Regiopolous-Notre Dame in December of 2022. Success was achieved by all and was seen as a smash to many first time wrestlers. Two weeks later the team went back into competition at the Holy Cross Invitational which was hosted at our very own school which saw to be the building blocks to many athletes season as well as another triumpent showing. After the Christmas break the Holy Cross wrestling team travelled to Belleville in order to paricipate in the Bayside Classic. At the conclusion of the day, three wrestlers had finished in medalling position. The team then headed to L.C.V.I in February of 2023 for the EOSSAA championships which allowed the team to once again reign supreme and win the total points trophy for the fourth consecutive season. In addition to this succes the team had 7 athletes end the day medaling in addition to qualifying 7 wrestlers to compete at OFSAA. The team competed at OFSAA from March 6th - 8th, an incomparable event to wrap up the season.



Marthe LaPlante Brady
‚ÄčBrennan LaPlante Brady
D'arcy Marconi
‚ÄčAdam McKinley
Jonathan Vecchio
‚ÄčNatalie Vecchio
Amber Minatello
Owen Kinney
Dawson Einerson 
Zachary Pascoal
Mark Callery 
Luke Coffin
Matt Mignault
Eddie Van Dyke 
Dylan Garrison 
Jordan Osborne
Jack Wyatt
Alex Roth
Team Photo:
Holy Cross wrestling, team photo

Season Summary:‚Äč

For the second year in a row, the wrestling team had great success both with individual accolades, and team awards. The first tournament of the year was held at Regi where many of the rookie athletes wrestled their first official match. Many hard practices later, the hard work paid off when Holy Cross won the boys and overall team award at eossaa for the second year in a row with ten boys and three girls qualifying to go to OFSSA. At OFSSA, the team had many grueling matches against tough competition.  Three kids advanced to the second day of the tournament where both Jonathan and Natalie Vecchio placed, Natalie placed fourth and her brother Jonathan placed fifth. 


 ‚Äč                                                            ‚Äč                   OFSAA Photo:


Holy Cross OFSAA wrestling team

‚Äč 2018-2019 


Mckendry Birtch
‚ÄčHunter Caverly
‚ÄčMarthe LaPlonte Brady
‚ÄčBrennan LaPlonte Brady
Laura Mallen
Ryan Mallen
D'arcy Marcon
‚ÄčAdam McKinly
Nikita Mountain
Jonathan Vecchio
‚ÄčNatalie Vecchio
Barton Wyatt
Coach - Jeff Brady
Coach - Marcus Niemann
‚Äč Coach - Orenzio Vecchio‚Äč


Roster: ‚Äč

Tyson Fletcher
Dawson Einarson ‚Äč
Joey Cantarutti ‚Äč
Mckendry Birtch ‚Äč
Brennan LaPlante Brady
Sam Bratus ‚Äč
Emma Rizk ‚Äč
D'Arcy Marconi
Amber Minutillo
Rachel Callery‚Äč ‚Äč
Adam Pengelley ‚Äč
Beatriz Aramendia ‚Äč
Jon Vecchio ‚Äč
Natalie Vecchio ‚Äč
Cole Rooks ‚Äč
Coach - Jeff Brady ‚Äč

Team Photo:

2017-2018 Wrestling Team

Season Summary:

The team had a very successful season this year. After the first tournament in Trenton several wrestlers competed in their first ever match. A tremendous amount of improvement was seen, with five girls and seven boys qualifying for OFSAA with Holy Cross winning the female award, male award, and all around award with the more points than any other team in the EOSSA region. At OFSAA there were many very hard fought battles with four athletes making it to the second day of competition. Both Tyson Fletcher and Brennan LaPlonte Brady made it to the finals, with tough losses coming to each, both winning silver.

Team Facts:

The team practiced from late October until march.

The team participated in 2 tournaments before Christmas

  • one at Bancroft(North Hastings High school)‚Äč
  • one at LCVI in Kingston, our wrestlers placed top 6 in each weight.‚Äč

Holy Cross hosted EOSSAA the team won boys title and overall title

10 wrestlers qualified for OFSAA: 6 wrestlers made it to second day

Tyson Fletcher won silver, Brennan Laplante Brady won bronze and Jon Vecchio finished 6th

OFSAA Photo:

OFSAA Wrestling



Neebin Hunter
Liam Perett
Alle Arseanault
Dawson Eirnarson
Mckendry Birtch
Rachel Callery
Joey Cantarutti
Tyson Fletcher
Ashley Callery
Adam Pengelly
Victoria Velazquez Becarra
Connor Quinton
Alyssa Olivier
Jonathan Vecchio
Jeniffer Onwuemeodo
Brennan Laplante Brady
Rachel Stuart
Julia Hunter
Emily Crockford

Team Photo:

2016-2017 Wrestling Team



Rachel Callery
Ashley Callery
Ntalie Standford
Brennan LaPlante Brady
Connor Quinton
Jonathan Vecchio
Joey Cantarutti
Tj Taylor

Team Photo:

2015-2016 Wrestling Team



Connor Quinton
Ryan Mota
Joey Cantarutti
Alex Drewniak
Jakc Little
Matt Ferguson
Alyssa Olivier
Jennifer Onwuemeodo
Julia Hunter
Ashley Callery
Jonah Johnson
Tyler Clement
Justus Dupere
Robert Neely
Josh Kurish
Jose Soares
Jacob Gariisom
Tj Taylor 

Team Photo:

2014-2015 Wrestling Team


Roster: Girls Wrestling

Samantha Pascoal (OFSAA Gold Medal)

Monica Carvalho 

Michaela Gooding ((OFSAA Silver Medal)

Ashley Callery (OFSAA Silver Medal)

Jessica Waltner (OFSAA Gold Medal)

Shannon Anderson (OFSAA Silver Medal)

Natalie Stanford 

Mikayla Wheeler (OFSAA Gold Medal) 


Roster:    Boys Wrestling       

Shawn O‚ÄôHanley 

Jonah Johnston (OFSAA Bronze Medal)

Jacob Garrison 

Nicholas Chesebrough 

Frankie Joyce 

Jin Kim 

Robery Neely 

Christopher Scheulderman 

Andrew Martins (OFSAA Silver Medal)

Connor Quinton (OFSAA Gold Medal)

Jose Soares 

Nicholas Kingan 

Tyler Clement 

Niko Doyle 

Anthony Campbell-Fappiano                                                                                




Shannon Anderson

Liam Sands-Pekley
Ashley Callery
Micheala Gooding
Chris Scheulderman
Robert Nelly
Heather Bousseau
Mikala Wheeler
Samantha Pascoal
Jessica Waltner



Jacob Carrison
Tyler Clement
Chris Waltener
Joseph Soares
Alexander Wassef
Robert Nelly
Heather Bousseau
Mikala Wheeler
Samantha Pascoal
Jessica Waltner



Jadrian Wallace
Goerge Al-koura
Adam Drew
Jackson Curtis Drew
Tristan Grossman
Chris Waltner
Daniel Brisebois
Jackson O'hara
Ryan Purdy
Miguel Martins
Myles Oomen
Hayley Milligan
Jessica Waltner
Collen McLeod



Zachary Knnedy-Brinklow
Mark Brousseau
Tristan Grossman
Jason O'Hara
Daniel Brisebois
Lucas Kring
Nicole Betournay
Adam Drew
Jason Drew




Blake Becker
Katie Wheeler
Travis Vankoughnett
Julian Briesbois
Jennifer Brule
Gavin Ford
Matthew Jalink
Adam Drew



Andrew Harding
Daryl Vincente
Nick Cornell
Tyler Perry
Tyler Labelle
Cory Ede
MaryLee Zancheli
Joshua Arthur
Matt Bourges