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Jr Boys Soccer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Holy Cross Junior Boys Soccer Archive


Junior Boys Soccer Schedule 2024:

​Game Date
​Time​​Home ​Visitors​Field

Monday, April 15, 2024
​2:30 PM​​​HC
​FSSQueens Richardson Stadium
Wednesday, April 17, 2024​
​4:00 PM​HC​LSS
Queens Nixon Field
Monday, April 22, 2024
​3:45 PM
John Machin Turf Field
​Monday, April 29, 2024
​RNDHoly Cross Field
​Tuesday, April 30, 2024
​4:00 PM​HC
​Holy Cross Field​
Wednesday, May 6, 2024
​5:00 PMKSS​HC
Kingston Secondary School Field


Junior Boys Soccer Results 2023:

​Game Date​Home TeamHome Teams Score​Visiting TeamVisiting Teams Score​
Monday, April 17, 2023
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
​Monday, April 24, 2023
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
​​Monday, May 1, 2023
ESC​​ Marie-Rivier​​
​​Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Thursday, May 4, 2023
Monday, May 8, 2023

Junior Boys Soccer Schedule 2023:

​Game Date
​Home Team​Home Teams Score​Visiting Team​Visiting Teams Score​
Monday, April 17, 2023
​3:30 PM​LSS​​
​HCQueens Tindal Field
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
​3:45 PM​HC​KSS
Queens Miklas-McCarney Turf Field
Monday, April 24, 2023
​3:45 PM
John Machin turf field
Wednesday, April 26, 2023
​3:45 PM​FSS
​HCQueens Richardson Stadium
Monday, May 1, 2023
​2:00 PM​HC
​ESC​ Marie-Rivier​
Queens Tindal Field
Wednesday, May 3, 2023
​2:10 PM​HC​LCVI
Queens Nixon field
Thursday, May 4, 2023
​2:00 PM​RND
Regiopolis-Notre Dame CHS
Monday, May 8, 2023
​5:15 PM​NDSS
Napan​ee DS​S

2023​​ Roster:

Goalie C. Furtado
#3 C. Rizzo
#4 A. Young
#5 N. Cabral
#6 E. Diaz
#10 A. Pananchikal
#13 K. Joseph
#14 C. Popanicolou
#15 Q. Saganoqich
#16 H. Silva
#17 W. Hunt
#18 L. Hookey
#19 A. Matthew
#20 O. Tahamtam
#21 N. Moniz
#22 M. Stubert
#23 J. Bales
#24 A. Sorenson
#25 D. Beckenhauer
#41 E. Keqa
#91 J. Ahn
#141 M. Mucciacito
#171 J . Ferguson
#191 Z. Carrier​

Junior Boys Soccer 2023 Summary:
The Junior Boys Soccer season began by beating LSS 3-2 in their opening fixture. In matchday four, they lost to FSS 2-1. But they would bounce back by beating our biggest rivals, Regi, 3-0. They finished off the season by defeating Nappanee 5-2, this win helped them secure a record of 6-0-2 in the regular season. They fought hard in the season, finishing 2nd place with 18 pts, only behind the winners Frontenac. They would then qualify for KASSA, in the quarter finals they won in superb form, beating LSS 2-1. They would then go onto the semifinals winning 3-1 against LCVI. In the KASSA finals, they would get their revenge by embarrassing Frontenac 4-1.  

​2020 and 2021 season cancelled due to Covid-19


Junior Boys Soccer Results 2019:

​Game Date ​Home Team Home Teams Score ​Visiting Team Visiting Teams Score​
Monday, April 15, 2019 ​KCVI ​2 ​HC ​0
​Wednesday, April 24, 2019 ​HC ​4 ​NDSS ​0
​Friday, April 26, 2019 ​HC ​3 ​LCVI ​3
​Monday, April 29, 2019 ​ESS ​1 HC ​6
​​Wednesday, May 01, 2019 ​LSS ​0 HC ​2
​​Thursday, May 02, 2019 ​HC ​2 ​RND ​3​
​​​Monday, May 06, 2019 ​FSS ​2 ​HC ​0
​Wednesday, May 08, 2019 ​HC ​4 ​SHS 2​

Junior Boys Soccer Schedule 2019:

​Game Date​Game Time​Home​Visitor​Location
​Monday, April 15, 2019​3:30 PM​KCVI​HC​Richardson
​Wednesday, April 24, 2019​3:45 PM​HC​NDSS​HC
​Friday, April 26, 2019​3:45 PM​HC​LCVI​Caraco
​Monday, April 29, 2019​3:45 PM​ESS​HC​ESS
​Wednesday, May 01, 2019​2:00 PM​LSS​HC​Machin
​Thursday, May 02, 2019​2:10 PM​HC​RND​HC
​Monday, May 06, 2019​2:00 PM​FSS​HC​FSS
​Wednesday, May 08, 2019​5:15 PM​HC​SHS​TBD

2019 Roster:

Ethan Valente

Murilo Oliveira

Devon Woodcock

Bryson Day

Owen Best

Jack de Sousa

Matthew Driver

Riley Webb

Luigi Stubbert

Kieran McAllister

Charles Young

Jack Kenney

Braeden Young

Eddie VanDyke

Jacob Kasaboski

Zachary Sinclair

Dylan Graham

Jacob LeBlanc

Owen Salmon

Michael Biss

Devin Doucette

Aiden Almeida

Nathan Matos

Peyton Walsh​


Junior Boys Soccer 2018 Summary:  The junior boys soccer team struggled at the beginning of the season with one win, tie and loss. Then, the boys regrouped to go undefeated in their final four games and ended up in second place in the standings. Their playoff run began with a 5-1 win over Sydenham. The semi final match was at home against Regi, although the boys gave up an early goal to the visitor they struck back with 2 unanswered goals to defeat the panthers in front of their home crowd. The KASSAA final was against KCVI and this was a team they previously had beat. The match w​as a tight affair but was eventually decided by a 30 yard top corner shot by rookie Mathew Driver. Holy Cross returned as Champions, avenging  last years loss and their last championship in 2015.

Junior Boys Soccer Schedule 2018:

Game Date
Game timeHomeVisitorLocation
​04/23/18​1:00 PM​MR​HC​Mik-Mac
​04/25/18​11:30 AM​FSS​HC​Mik-Mac
​04/30/18​3:30 PM​HC LSS​HC
​04/02/18​5:15 PM​BSS​HCBSS
​05/04/18​3:30 PMHC​​ESS​HC
​05/07/184:00 PM​SHS
05/​09/18​4:00 PMNDSS​HCNDSS
​05/14/18​3:00 PM KCVI​​HC​Tindall

Junior Boys Soccer Results 2018:

Game Date
Home Team
Home  Teams ScoreVisiting TeamVisiting Teams Score

2018​ Roster:

Nic Badalato

Eric Barlow

Matt Brownlee

Matt Chodkowski

Kristian Circelli

Josh Cole

Hunter Cutbush

Alex Deszpoth

Matt Driver

Tom Fredericks

Aiden Hayes

Jackson Hay

Anthony Joyce

Jacob Kasabalski

Moises Mendes

JP Onuwemeodo

Jordan Osborne

Brendan Patterson

Aiden Prodereick

Alex Pym-Robichaud​

Jack Stevens

Chris Tyler

Ethan Valente

Jeremy VanGrunsven

Braden Young


Junior Boys Soccer 2017 Summary:

The junior boys fought hard all season all season finishing in fourth place with three wins, two losses and one tie. The junior boys dominated their game against LCVI, beating them 4-1 in the quarterfinals advancing the boys in to the semi finals. During the semi final game, the boys captured the win against Frontenac with the score of 3-1 allowing the boys to move on to the KAASSA Championship game. A huge accomplishment for the boys as they showed that their hard work and determination paid off by bringing them to the KAASSA final. 

Junior Boys Soccer Schedule 2017:

Game Date Game time Home Visitor Location
April 18th 201712:00HCLCVIMik-Mac
April 20th 201712:00GRECHCMik-Mac
April 24th 20173:30HCKCVIHC
April 26th 20175:15RNDHCRND
May 1st 20173:30HCFSSHC
May 8tu 20173:30LSSHCLSS

Junior Boys Soccer 2017 Results:

Game Date Home Team Home Score Visitor Visitor Score
05/10/2017HC 4LCVI1


2017 Roster:​

​​Nathan Young

Reid Hulton

Braiden MacMicken

John Paul Onwuemeodo

Raymond Benoit

Jordan Osborne

Alex Deszpoth

Sam Kim

James Iliescu

Shawn Melvin

Aidan MacDonnell

Brandon Smith

Mitchell Ewart

Dylan Hagerman

Carter Howland

Jack Stevens

Aiden Hayes

Jason Kim

Tom Frederiks

Kristian Circelli

Aidan Proderick

Adam Pengelly

Tyeson Hunt

Matt Chodkowski

Image (74).jpeg

​No Junior Boys Soccer Yearbook Pictures 2010-2016


Junior Boys Soccer 2013 Summary:

The junior boys soccer team had an impressive KASSAA season in 2013. Ending with a 4-1-1 record and a third place finish they carried their strong KASSAA  season performance into playoff action by defeating LaSalle 5-0 in the quarters but falling to a strong Regi opponent 2-1 in the semi-finals. Highlights of the season were hanging on to defeat Regi in the Father Stan Memorial Game by a 3-2 score, playing KCVI to a 4-4 tie in an exhibition game and losing to Regi in the semi-finals after a hard fought game. Congrats on a good season!

2013 Roster:

Avery Esford

Gianluca Venditti

Jordan Grady

David Loricchio

Ryan Kinsella

Emmanuel Onuoem

Ian McLatchie

Matt Lopes

Issac Osborne

Nick Raposo

Santiago Rivera

Scott Varey

Rajiv Tanwain

Zac Hutcheson

Eric Rebello

Jin Kim

Ryan Heer

Greg Soudant​

Brandon Robbins


Junior Boys Soccer 2012 Summary:

The 2012 season featured some impressive results. The first was entering the Senior Boys Blueball tournament and walking away with an impressive win against Napanee and a tie against KCVI. The next stop was the “Steve Mantle Tournament” where the boys won each of their games and defeated LCVI in the final to win the tournament. In KASSAA, the team ended the season in fourth place, beating Sydenham in the quarter finals and losing to Bayridge in the Semi-finals.

2012 Roster:

Mitchell Barr

Justus DuPere

Avery Esford

Jordan Grady

Kyle Harrigan

Cam Hebert

Jose Hernandez

Brad Howe

Zac Hutcheson

Gregory Kennelly

Peter Larocchio

Brent Martindale

Miguel Martins

Brady McConnell

Ian McLatchie

Damian Mitchell

Emmanuel Onuoemeodo

Jeremy Pendergast

Ryan Penney

Cole Smith

Rajiv Tanwani

Gianluca Vendetti

Scott Varey



Mitchell Barr

Albar Eugui

Brad Howe

Adam Lawson

Peter Loricchio

Brent Martindale

Miquel Martins

Brady McConnell

Jeremy Pendergrast

Tyler Cox

Ethan Doyle

Eric Freitas

Nicholas Gallagher

Ryan Kaiser

Jacob Lafrance

Ted Loukas

David Marques

Andrew Pho

Brayden Roy

Simon Smith

2010 ​​


Ethan Doyle

Eric Freitas

Nicholas Gallagher

Ryan Kaiser

Jacob Lafrance

Brayden Roy

Simon Smith

Tyler Baxby

Darius Blundell

Tom Daechsel

Matt Ferguson

Adam Gencarelli

Evan Harbec

Eric Holland

Nate Kellar

Jacob Mansfield

Mike McConnell

Andrew Papadakis

Michael Shaver


Image (68).jpeg

2009 Roster:

Thomas​ Daechsel

Kevin Guo

Michael McConnell

Lucas Arsneault-Ball

Sean Fleet

Nathan Kellar

Cyrus Horlor

Curtis Lawson

Andrew Papadkis

Michael Shaver

Tyler Baxby

Danny Cirne

Adam Dutra 

Nathan De Longhi 

Justin Greenwood

Darius Blundell

Eric Holland 

Jacob Mansfield


Image (66).jpeg
2008 Roster:

​​Andrew Beattie
​​Brad Fraser 
​​Chris Claro
​​​Lucas Lobo

Nolan Taylor

Andrew Oliveira

Ryan Caron

Jonathan Barbosa

Hector Carrero

Dan Borges

Andres Laurent Tirado

Jacob Gill

No 2007 team


Image (64).jpeg

2006 Roster

​​Stephan Walker

Brock Poirier

Keenan Gracy

Lucas Lobo

Nolan Taylor

Michael Teves

Jonathan Barbosa

Ryan Caron

Nicholas Drew

Dave Halligan 

Brad Fraser 

Conor Stuart

Nick Kelly

Kyle Silva

Andrew Martin

Andrew Beattie

Neil Marin

Chas Murphy


Image (62).jpeg

2005 Roster:

​Nick Kelly

Chas Murphy

Andrew Martin

Darcy Craigen

Jonathan​ Barbosa

Nevil Whitty

Alex Stewart

Andrew Beattie

Dave Halligan

Christopher Cox

Nino La Duca

Brad Crawford 

Ryan Caron

Rigoberto Melendez

Kevin Hogan

Brock Poirier

Joe Kenney

Mickael Shulist

Spencer Wightman

Ryan Murphy


Image (60).jpeg

2004 Roster:

​​​​Brent Crawford

Nino La Duca

Chris Walhi

Nick Hume 

Brent Gilmour

Mike Veryzer

Chris Pascoal

Vu Nguyen

Matty Borges

Dustin Edge

Nevil Whitty

Charlie Lee

Matt McCombs

Matt Couto

Matt Irvins

Darcy Craig​en

Alex Stuart

Kevin Hogan


Image (58).jpeg

2003 Roster:

​​Murray Lay

Bruce Choi

Mike Veryzer

Ian Hopkins

Nathan Proulx

John Halligan

Shaun Forster

Will Doyle 

Peter Boyle

Andy Nador

Soon Young Kwon

Steven Fonseca

Paulo Bernadino

​Matt Hulse

Won Sook Kim

Yohei Kawamura

Daniel Santamaria

Matt Borges


Image (56).jpeg

2002 Roster:

​​Ian Hopkins

Daniel Vicente

Brendan Heffernan

Jason DaSilva

Gregory Hulse

Murray Ley

William Doyle

Bruce Choi

Kyle Locke

Steven Fonseca

Johnathan Halligan

Bradley Pemberton

Matthew Kruczkowski

Shaun Forster

Ryan Heath

Won-Suk Kim

Paulo Bernadino

Nick Morin 

Cory Pritchard

​no 2001 team


Image (54).jpeg

2000 Roster:

Steve​ Fowler

Daniel Marques

Sean Jennings

Vince Stabile

Mike Carvalho

Mike DiRinaldo

Antonio Buragina

Diasuke Kawamwra

Declan Edwards

Ryan Borges

Marc Hogan

Colin Mercier

Jay Vieiera

Tyler Locke 

Oscar Alvarado

Jin Kang

Adam Brent 

Joel Marshall

no 1999 team


Image (52).jpeg

1998 Roster:

​​Dan Circelli

Thom Minard

Morgan Harmson

Neal Majoras

Phillip Joyce

Christopher Gallinaro

Erik Fielding

Mark Hanna

Tony Lightbody

Antonio Rizzo

Mike Vieira

Spencer Fowler

Matt Lang

Christopher Robinson

Adam Tracy

Carlos Vicente

Nathan Robinson


Image (50).jpeg

1997 Roster:​

​​Fernando Bernadino

Jamie Hichey 

Mike Valente

Kevin Seymour

Chris Sinkinson

Nino Rizzo 

Damon Hobbin

Andy Papanicolou

John Gallinaro

Neil Majoras

Dan Circelli

Rich LeLievre

Mike Harmsen

Thom Minard

Mark Hannah

John De Giorgio

Jason O'Brien


Image (48).jpeg

1996 Roster:​

Kevin Kane​

Dave Canto 

Mike Valente

Kevin Seymour

Damon Hoobin

John DeGiorgio

Mike Dunn

Mike Harmsen

Todd Biss

John Gallinaro

Todd Stinson

Chris Sinkinson

Mike Woolin

Craig Macdonald

Simon Bartsch

Paul Riley

Nick Reiach

Image (46).jpeg

1995 Roster:​

​Paul Riley

Brian Hanh

Torin McPherson

Kevin Sambirsky

Richard Roy

Kevin Cane

Todd Bliss

Jamie Cavanough

Erik Fielding

Paul Diranaldo

Vico Dagnone

Ian Wales

Craig MacDonald

Jeff Devine 

Brent Jacobs

Janssen Alminia

Chad MacDonald

Nick Rieach

Jason Cole



​​​​Tony Almeida

Rick Popazzi

Jamie Douglas

Mike Franco

Dan Franco

Marco Miranda

Kris Miller

Joey Rubino

Kevin Sambirsky

Richard Roy

Todd Bliss

Brian Hahn

Jason Knickle

Warren Michalski



​Antonio​ ​Almeida

Seam Beck​

Victor Canto

Matthew Coghlan

Shawn Diaz

Michael Donovan

Stephen Douglas

Michael Franco

Peter Furtado

Geoffry Keogh

Nelson Melo

Kris Miller

Marco Miranda

Joe Mucciacito

Kirk Perris

Richard Popazzi

Ryan Poser

Richard Roy

Kevin Sambirsky


Image (43).jpeg


Image (41).jpeg             

1991 Roster:

​​Lionel Neves 

Mike Domingo

Tyson Biss

Jason Kuhne 

Rui Canto

Paul Kenney

Adam Boffa

Konrad Zoldowski

Reynan Linsangan

Dave Mullen

David Mingault

Dan Smallegange

Jason Bentley

Adianne O'Conner

        1990           ​

Image (39).jpeg

1990 Roster:

​Geoff Dempster

Lionel Neves

Dave Mignault

Darwin Toreja

Steve Breault

John Frainetti

Mike Cercelli

Ted Daniel

Joe Reino

Paul Kenney


Image (38).jpeg