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2022-2023 Girls and Boys Curling Roster

Lucia Andreani

Ryan Hookey

Berenice Perrin

Elliette Plata

Owen Wallace

11.30.22 Curling Club_012.JPG11.30.22 Curling Club_018.JPG

​2019-2020 Girls and Boys Curling Roster

Matthew Prent 

Matthew Chodkowski

Jett Gazeley 

Marco Goncalves

Jack Welbanks

Cassandra Hill

Tim Beuhler

Chana Klein ​

Curling team posing for photo

Curling team with brooms

Season Highligh​ts: 

Congratulations to our Holy Cross Curling team who was very successful once again! The mixed team won KASSAA Gold and came 4th at EOSSAA. The men's team placed 2nd in KASSAA and 2nd in EOSSAA. The team spend multiple hours on the ice diligently preparing for their competitions. Congratulations to our senior athletes moving on and good luck from your Holy Cross community. ​

2017-2018 Girls and Boys Curling Team Roster

Matt Chodkowski
Jett Gazeley
Veronica Losier
Keasha Ruttan
Robert Roques
Nevin Patterson
Aidan Proderick
Jordan Yates

2017-2018 Season Highlights

The Curling team had a very successful and hard fought season. The team represented Holy Cross' strong abilities at the Fort Francis Bound Tournament where they defeated LCVI who were the quarter finalists at OFSAA. The team is praised by the coaches due to the tremendous improvement and growth of their skills given that 3/4 of the members were new to the Holy Cross team. All athletes expressed their passion and love for the sport with Jett Gazeley showing his superb skipping and excellent rock placement throughout the season. Congratulations to all athletes on a great season.  

2016-2017 Girls and Boys Curling Team Roster 

Naomi Gazendam
Jacqueline Van Herpt
Cassandra Hill
Jett Gazeley
Anna Rhines
Caleigh Patterson
Veronica Losier
Isaiah Dunham
Sarah Doyle

2016-2017 Season Highlights

The Holy Cross Curling team braved the cold and worked hard to achieve a well fought season. Their teamwork not only showed the strength of the Crusaders, but also how much fun the team can have together. Each athlete was able to express their passion and love for the sport showing a great season. Congratulations to all the members of this hard working team. 

2015-2016 Curling Team Roster

Willam Parks
Franklin Parks
Kyle Penny
Jamie Sammon

The 2015-2016 Season highlights 

The Boys Curling team consisting of William Parkes, Franklin Parkes, Kyle Penney, and Jamie Sammon, had a successful final year, as they are all graduating and moving on. The curling team competed in two events this year, the usual KASSAA championship and the Ontario Curling Association School Boys Competition. In the OCA school boy’s competition the team dominated in zones play scoring an unheard of 7 ender in one game (that’s good in curling) but fell short in the regionals. The team was heavy favorites in KASSAA easily beating Frontenac and Bayridge in 4 and 7 ends respectively, they played well against Napanee in the finals. A good effort was shown throughout season. 

2014- 2015 Girls and Boys Curling Roster 

Jamie Sammon
Kyle Penny
Franklin Parks
William Parks
Quiyun Zheng
Tianhao Li

2014-2015 Season Highlights

The boy's curling team had a very successful season, representing Holy Cross at the Gore Mutual School Boys, an Ontario Curling Association event, winning the event and advancing to the regional event in Stirling.  After working hard, the boys captured silver at the KASSAA Championships. They advanced on to represent Holy Cross at OFSAA, with the boys winning the bronze medal.  They have a lot to be proud of, congratulations on a great season boys. 

2012-2013 Curling Roster

Senior Boys

Skip - David Brown
Lead - Peter Mills 
Vice  - Caleb Gray
Second - Ross Fabbro

Junior Boys

Skip - Franklin Parks
Lead - Kyle Penny
Vice - Will Parks
Second - Jamie Sammon

2012-2013 Season Highlights

Team Brown represented the senior Holy Cross team at OFSAA qualifier held in Pembroke on February 28th and March 1st 2013. This team had curled together for many years so they were able to work together and have great matches. Team Parks also competed at KASSAA representing the junior Holy Cross team. They made it to the B semifinals. 

2011-2012 Curling Roster 

Girls Team

Jennifer Brown
Lindsay Pascoal
Crystal Gregory
Kate Schenk 
Jessica Taylor 
Stephanie Valliquette 
Megan Valliquette 

Boys Team

David Brown
Nick Zelisniak 
Caleb Gray
Ross Fabbro 
Steven Milligan
Nick Murray 
Kevin Guo
Adam Dutra
Jonas Lobo

2011-2012 Season highlights

The HC Curling teams had a very successful season this year and represented us very well. They geared up for KASSAA action by practicing every week against their competition at the Royal Kingston Curling Club. All their hard work paid off when the boys captured the KASSAA championship for a second year in a row. They then proceeded on to EOSSAA and played very hard but could not capture the title again. We congratulate the team members and Mr. Thorburn on a fantastic season. 

2009-2010 Curling Roster

Girls Team

Jessica Hunter
Megan Valliquette
Stephanie Valliquette
Celeste Cunningham
Katie Robb
Kate Schenk
Jennifer Moran
Kendra Sweet
Brandy Bourdage
Sarah Dyck

Boys Team

Caleb Grey 
Calvin Perault
Nicholas Zelizniak 
Ryan Schenk
Marcus Mills

2009-2010 Season Highlight

The Holy Cross Team played hard in their games and during practices. They shot past the competition in most games while making lasting friendships off the ice. Congratulations to all the members of the team who had a strong season and worked hard in every game they played. 

2006 Curling Team Roster

Boys Team

Vince Doyle
John Kelsey
Mike Veryzer
Matt Hulse

Girls Team

Meghan Shaver
Kelly McKellar
Alicia Kenny
Jenna Matias
Brandy Bourdage 

2006 Season Highlights

This year Holy Cross was lucky enough to have have three Curling teams. The varsity boys team, senior girls, and junior girls team. The team only practiced once a week but they were able to have a very successful season learning the importance of using their practice time efficiently. As the season progressed and the teams got some game time experience, each team began to rapidly improve. Curling is viewed as a sport of determination and enthusiasm and this is exactly what the players learned. Congratulations to all athletes on a great season. 


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