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Track and Field


2019 Roster‚Äč

  • Reese McShane 
  • Madelaine Tofts 
  • Ella Best-Taylor 
  • Sophia Nikitopoulos 
  • Marthe Laplante-Brady 
  • Kira O‚ÄôDonohue
  • Keiran McAllister 
  • Ian McDonnell 
  • Connor Hobin 
  • Owen Kinney 
  • Andrew Botting  
  • Jonah Reynolds
  • Ainslie Bratus 
  • Emma Contois 
  • Marissa Terpstra 
  • Madison Sproule
  • Will Daniel 
  • Aidan Tulk 
  • Joe Gargaro 
  • Jaden Robert-Scrubbs 
  • Charlie Young
  • Dacey Richmond 
  • Alle Arsenault 
  • Brigette Matthais 
  • Catherine Irwin 
  • Jesse Hale
  • Max Taylor 
  • Dylan Thomason 
  • McKendry Birtch 
  • Emmett Bravakis 
  • Ben Grimshaw 
  • Nick Santucci 
  • Dustin Fellows 
  • Will St. Godard 
  • Nathan Young 
  • Dylan Morse 
  • Matt Sloboda‚Äč

2019 Meet Dates

April 18- TISS Relays Meet (Brockville)
April 26- Legacy Meet (Kingston)
May 2- UOttawa Meet (Ottawa)
May 15, 16, 17- KASSAA (Kingston)
May 30, 31- East Regionals (Bellville)
June 6, 7, 8- OFSAA (Guelph) 


Holy Cross had a very successful 2019 track season highlighted by school records and OFSAA appearances. Among the 37 athletes on the team, 20 made the trip to Guelph for OFSAA. Along the way the senior girls team broke the 4x100m record and the 4x400m record on their way to 12th and 10th place finishes at OFSAA. The senior boys relay teams also made the trip to OFSAA, breaking the 4x400m school record on their way to the third consecutive OFSAA bronze medal.  Both school 200m records were broken, the girls by Dacey Richmond on her way to an 11th place finish at OFSAA. Emmett Bravakis broke the 200m and 400m boys on his way to an OFSAA bronze medal over for the 400m. Aidan Tulk and Reese McShane highlighted the distance results, as they place 5th and 4th in the 3000m and while Reese was 7th in the 1500m as well. Finally Bridgette Matthias sets the school record for the girls  2000m Steeplechase as this is the inaugural year for the event.

 Girls running on the trackBoys running on the track 

Holy Cross Records:

‚ÄčWomen‚ÄčTimeTRACK EVENT‚ÄčTime‚ÄčMen
‚ÄčDacey Richmond '1812.4‚Äč0‚Äč100m‚Äč10.90Justin Tulloch‚Äč '06
Dacey Richmond '1925.23‚Äč200m‚Äč22.23Emmett Bravakis '19
‚Äč‚ÄčKim Laverty '01‚Äč57.95‚Äč400m‚Äč47.75
Emmett Bravakis '19
‚ÄčLauren Moore '042:15.06‚Äč‚Äč800m1:54.88‚ÄčMatthew Hulse '06‚Äč
‚ÄčStephanie Hulse '08‚Äč4:41.10‚Äč1500m‚Äč3:59.63H Ferry '09‚Äč
‚ÄčStephanie Hulse '08‚Äč9:58.68‚Äč3000m‚Äč8:46.21‚ÄčMatthew Hulse '06
‚ÄčMary Besselink '165:36.17‚Äč
‚Äč1500m Steeplechase----------------------------------------------------------------
‚ÄčBridgette Matthias '198:45.82‚Äč‚Äč2000m Steeplechase‚Äč6:03.50Jonathan Besselink '16‚Äč
‚ÄčShayla Moore '13‚Äč12.71‚Äč80m Hurdles------------‚Äč-----------------------------------------------‚Äč
‚ÄčShayla Moore '1415.8‚Äč0‚Äč100m Hurdles15.6‚Äč0Trevor Reade '09‚Äč
‚Äč--------------------------------------------------‚Äč-----------‚Äč110m Hurdles14.90‚ÄčAlex McCallum '12‚Äč
‚ÄčShayla Moore '13‚Äč49.40‚Äč300m Hurdles43.50‚ÄčTommy Pendergast ' 16‚Äč
‚ÄčShayla Moore '141:09.97‚Äč400m Hurdles‚Äč1:02.90‚ÄčJ O'Brien '90
Alle Arsenault
Meghan Jefferies
        Ainslie Bratus   '19
Dacey Richmond


‚Äč4x100m Relay

Cole Rooks
Dylan Thomason
        McKendry Birtch  '18
Emmett Bravakis
Dacey Richmond
Emma Saganowich
       Meghan Jefferies   '19
Ainslie Bratus


4x400m Relay‚Äč

McKendry Birtch
Max Taylor
          Nick Santucci     '19
Emmett Bravakis
‚Äč----------------------------------‚ÄčDistanceFIELD EVENTDistance----------------------------------------‚Äč
‚ÄčJ Payne '97‚Äč1.58mHigh Jump‚Äč1.85m‚ÄčLuciano Troiani '15
‚ÄčKenya Costa-Dookhan '125.56m‚ÄčLong Jump6.52mBrayden Raymond '16‚Äč
Courtney Norman '16‚Äč‚Äč11.12m‚ÄčTriple Jump12.64mJermaine Edwards‚Äč ' 07
Emily Fawcett '18‚Äč11.57m‚ÄčShot Put14.82mJonah Jonston '15‚Äč
‚ÄčKelsi Ball '05‚Äč36.57m‚ÄčJavelin‚Äč53.63m‚ÄčAaron Gazendamn '08
‚ÄčEmily Fawcett '18‚Äč36.50m‚ÄčDiscus40.84m‚ÄčW LeGare '03
‚ÄčAmanda Ho ' 12‚Äč2.40m‚ÄčPole Vault‚Äč3.00m‚ÄčTrevor Reade '12

Past Years

2018 Track and Field Team

Track and Field 2018 Year Summary

At KASSAA the Holy Cross Track and Field Team had amazing results and almost the entire team qualified for EOSSAA by placing top 4 in their event. Among those who managed to place top three were Joey Cantarutti who placed second in senior boys Shot Put, Sam DePaul who was third in Junior Boys 100m Hurdles, Dylan Morse who was second in the Junior Boys 800m, Cole Rooks second in the Senior Boys 100m, Marissa Terpstra third in the Midget Girls Triple Jump, Dylan Thomason second in the Senior Boys 200m, Max Taylor who was second in both the Senior Boys 400m and 800m, Jesselyn Hale second in both the Junior Girls Long and Triple Jump. Athletes who placed first in a single event include Catherine Irwin who was first the Junior Girls 3000m and Nick Santucci who won the Senior Boys 800m while also placing third in the Senior Boys 400m. Multi-First place finishers include Dacey Richmond in the Senior Girls 200m and 100m(while breaking the Holy Cross school record), Meghan Jefferies who won the Senior Girls 400m and 800m while also placing third in the Senior Girls 200m, Emily Fawcett who won both the Senior Girls Discus(breaking the Holy Cross school Record) and Shot Put, and Emmett Bravakis who won both the Senior Boys 200m and 400m. Anslie Bratus and Aidan Tulk both took home 3 Golds in the Midget Events, Ainslie in the girls 100m, 200m and 400m and Aidan in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m. The Relay Teams that won include the Senior Girls 4x100m, the Senior Boys 4x100m and 4x400m, and the Junior Boys 4x100m also qualified placing second.

At EOSSAA Holy Cross had 11 individual runners qualify for East Regionals next week. These athletes include Marrissa Terpstra who was 6th in the Migdet girls Triple Jump, Catherine Irwin was 6th in the midget girls 3000m, Max Taylor who was 5th in the Senior Boys 800m, and Cole Rooks who was 5th in the Senior Boys 100m. Athletes who finished in the top 3 in their events include, Dylan Thomason who was 2nd in the Senior Boys 100m. Emmett Bravakis who was 2nd in the Senior Boys 400m and 3rd in the Senior Boys 200m and Nick Santucci who was 3rd in the Senior Boys 800m. Athletes that placed first in a single event include,  Aidan Tulk who won the Midget Boys 1500m andwas also 5th in the Midget Boys 800m, Meghan Jefferies who won the Senior Girls 400m and also placed 4th in the Senior Girls 800m, and Emily Fawcett who won the Senior Girls Shot Put while destroying the Holy Cross Record and also placed 2nd in Discus. Multi-time winners include Dacey Richmond who won the Senior Girls 100m and 200m, and Ainslie Bratus who won the Midget Girls 200m and 400m. All the Relay teams also qualified, the Junior Boys 4x100m was 5th, the Senior Boys 4x100m was third, the Senior Girls 4x100m was 1st, and the Senior Boys 4x400m was second. 

At East Regionals this year 7 individual athletes and 3 relay teams have moved on to OFSAA 2018 in Toronto. Aislie Bratus won the Midget Girls 400m and was second in the Migdet Girls 200m and Aidan Tulk was fourth in the Midget boys 1500m, Aidan and Ainslie were the only athletes to qualify as a non-senior runner from Holy Cross this year. The Senior athletes that qualified include Emmett Bravkis, who was second in the Senior Boys 400m and third in Senior Boys 200m, Nick Santucci was foruth in the Senior Boys 800m, Dacey Richmond was Third in Senior Girls 200m and fourth in Senior Girls 100m, Meghan Jefferies was second in Senior Girls 400m and Emily Fawcett was second in both Senior Girls Shot Put and Discus. The three relay teams that qualified include the Senior Girls 4x100m team which is made up of Mallory Wylie, Dacey Richmond, Ainslie Bratus and Meghan Jefferies, who place fourth. Next was the Senior Boys 4x100m who broke the Holy Cross School record and placed fourth, the team includes Cook Rooks, Dylan Thomason, McKendry Birtch, and Emmett Bravakis. The final relay team was the Boys 4x400m team which is looking to do well again after their bronze medal proformance at OFSAA last year, the team placed second at East Regionals and is made up of McKendry Birtch, Max Taylor, Nick Santucci and Emmett Bravakis.

OFSAA 2018 was as eventful as ever for Holy Cross. On day one the boys 4x100m broke their own school record as they placed 15th overall. The girls 4x100m were just shy of the Girls 4x100m record on their way to placing 16th overall. In the 400m first Ainslie Bratus qualified for the 400m final for Midget Girls, next up Meghan Jefferies barely missed the  Senior Girls final as she placed 9th overall and finally Emmett Bravakis moved onto the 400m Senior Boys final. On Friday in the 400m Finals Ainslie Bratus placed 5th and Emmett Bravakis placed 6th. On the field Emily Fawcett placed 9th in the Senior Girls Discus. The boys 4x400m also placed second in their heat moving on the final. On Saturday Emily Fawcett placed 10th in Senior Girls Shot Put. The last race of the event was the Boys 4x400m, after an amazing run by all 4 runners they managed to repeat as Bronze Medalists even after losing their strongest runner from last year. Great season to all the athletes.

Track and Field 2017 Year Summary

This year at KASSAA Holy Cross had an amazing performance putting out plenty of talent at the INVISTA Centre. Midgets Ella Mcshane came 1st in the 3000m, Jesselyn Hale came 1st in the Long Jump and 2nd in the Triple Jump, and Alix Stymest came 2nd in the Shot Put. Juniors Meghan Jefferies won the 100m and 200m while Dacey Richmond came 2nd in both the 100m and 200m. Meghan Jefferies came 1st in the 400m and Allie Arsenault came 2nd in the 800m. The junior girls 4x100m relay team won the event, while two of their members, Dacey Richmond came 3rd in the 80m hurdles, and Allie Arsenault came 2nd in the 800m. Senior Anna Greentree came 3rd in both the 100m and 200m. The senior girls 4x100m relay team came 2nd, while two of their members, Anna Greentree won the 400m and Aimee Hale came 3rd in the Long Jump. Coming 1st also was Emily Fawcett in the discus, and the open 4x400m relay team. Junior boys Dylan Thomason came 2nd in the 100m and 200m, MaKendry Birtch came 3rd in the 400m, and Nick Santucci won the 800m and 1500m. 4x100m relay teams for the junior boys won while the senior boys came 2nd. In jumping, Jason Kim came 2nd in the Long Jump while Jeff Babic came 3rd in the High Jump. Senior boys Devin Leblanc came 2nd in the 200m and 1st in the 400m, Emmett Bravakis came 3rd in the 200m and 2nd in the 400m, and Max Taylor came 2nd in the 800m. The senior boys 4x400m relay team came 1st and finally Ryan O'Brian came 2nd in the Intellectually Imp. 100m.  

Holy Cross had many qualify for the next meet East Regionals from EOSSAA in Brockville. Qualifying we had Jesselyn Hale in the Long Jump and Triple Jump. Juniors Dacey Richmond in the 100m, 200m, and 80m hurdles, Meghan Jefferies in the 100m, 200m, and 400m, Nick Santucci in the 800m and 1500m, Dylan Thomason in the 100m and 200m, and the junior boys and girls 4x100m relay teams. Seniors Anna Greentree qualified in the 100m, 200m, and 400m, Devin Leblanc in the 200m and 400m, Emily Fawcett in the discus, Cole Rooks in the 100m, Emmett Bravakis in the 400m, and the two 4x100m boys and girls relay teams. The two open 4x400m relay teams also qualified along with Jaedra Marshalleck and Ryan O'Brian in the Intellectual Imp. 100m. Good Luck to everyone at East Regionals.‚Äč

After a cold and rainy meet, Holy Cross had many qualify for OFSAA next week. Midget Jesselyn Hale came 1st in the Triple Jump and 4th in the Long Jump. Dacey Richmond qualified‚Äč‚Äč for both the 100m coming 3rd and 200m coming 4th. Meghan Jefferies qualified for both the 200m and 400m coming 2nd in both. Dacey Richmond and Meghan Jefferies are also both on the 4x100m relay team that qualified as well. Junior Nick Santucci qualified coming 1st in the 800m, and senior girls Anna Greentree came 4th in the 400m and Emily Fawcett came 3rd in the discus. Senior boy Devin Leblanc came 1st in both the 200m and 400m, and is qualified in 1st place going into OFSAA for the 400m. Finally, the boys open 4x400m relay team also qualified.

At OFSAA there were many amazing performances but the highlights included Devin Leblanc finishing 5th in the senior boys 400m, Megan Jefferies finishing 4th in the junior girls 400m. Also the Open Boys 4x400m team captured a bronze medal. The team was comprised Max Taylor, Nick Santucci, Emmett Bravakis and Devin Leblanc and they smashed the school record set last year at the same event.

Track and Field 2016 Year Summary

At KASSAA 7 relay teams and 27 individual athletes qualified for EOSSAA, the biggest highlight being Devin LeBlanc taking home four first in 100m, 200m and 400m and 4x400m. At EOSSAA 16 of those 27 athletes and 4 relay teams qualified for East Regionals. A big highlight was Max Taylor and Emmett Bravakis breaking the 400m junior record at EOSSAA. At East Regionals 9 Athletes and 4 relay teams are heading to OFSAA. At OFSAA everyone competed hard and Max Taylor managed to win bronze in the junior boys 400m. Great job on a great season everyone.  

Track and Field 2015 Year Summary

The track and field team had another fantastic season filled with a season unlike any other, no rain in sight. The track and field team dominated at Kassaa but fell short to Sydenham, narrowly missing a Kassaa title. This is the track's team 3rd straight year finishing in the top 2 at Kassaa championships. From Kassaa came 47 athletes moving on to Eossaa and 7 out of a possible 8 relay teams advancing to Eossaa as well. The team has a total of 37 athletes and 5 relay teams moving on to East Regionals. The team also captured the AAA school title and are the Eossaa champions for the 2015 season! Good luck to all athletes competing this week.

Track and Field 2014 Year Summary

The Holy Cross Track and Field team had yet another outstanding season so far. With a record breaking turnout for the 2014 Track and Field team we showed dominance in almost all events. The team won 23 events at KASSAA which left them just short of winning Gold overall as a team.  Thirty of our crusaders qualified for East Regionals in Ottawa which is taking place tomorrow and Friday. Good luck to those participating and we hope you all qualify for OFSAA.

Track and Field 2013 Year Summary

The track and field team had a great showing at KASSAA with many gold medals and top four finishers that will be moving on to EOSSAA and 26 of those athletes moved on to East regionals. Holy Cross had six athletes qualify for the OFSAA Track and Field Championship in Oshawa this year! Jonah Johnston for Shot Put came 8th throwing a 15.12m, Shayla Moore for Hurdles came 18th running 49.52 seconds, Kenya Costa-Dookan for jump came 18th jumping 4.74m and runners Jonathan Besselink came 8th in the 800m running 1.59.66 , Devin Leblanc came 22nd in the 400m running 54.87 seconds, and Darien "Durn" Leblanc came 18th in the 100m running 11.29. Good job to all athletes who competed and congratulations on a fantastic season!

Track and Field 2012 Year Summary

At KASSAA overall the team placed 2nd and notable first place performances came from Brodie Blaskie in midget boys 100m and 200m, Shayla Moore in 80m hurdles, Skylee Ryan in midget girls 400m, Christina Papadakis in midget girls 3000m.  Trevor Reade and Amanda Ho were both first in pole vault (with Amanda setting a KASSAA record), Kenya Costa-Dookhan was first in long and triple jump (setting a KASSAA triple jump record). Cairston Fawcett was first in senior girls Shot put and Discus. Troy Kenney was first in Junior boys shot put. Jake Gurnsey was first in long jump with a jump of 5.46m.  At EOSSAA everyone competed in true crusader spirit and 16 athletes and 4 relay teams will now advance to East Regionals next week; but we also had many athletes who just missed the cut off to advance. After the first day of competition at East Regionals we have 3 athletes who will be moving on to OFSAA next week.  Shayla Moore placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles, Kenya Costa-Dookhan placed 4th in the Triple jump ,and Jonathan Besselink also placed 4th in 1500m race.   Congratulations also to the other athletes who competed and narrowly missed selection to OFSAA. At OFSAA there were stellar performances were produced by Kenya Costa-Dookhan who finished 4th in long jump and 9th in Triple jump and Jonathan Besselink who finished 5th in 1500m and 7th in 800m.  Your coaches would like to thank you for a great season and are looking forward to an even better one next year. 

he KASSAA Mascots running the 100m at KASSAA. 

The KASSAA Mascots running the 100m at KASSAA.