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301 Church St., Belleville, ON, K8N 3C7| Office: 613-967-0404| Staff Links

Jo Belanger –Chaplaincy Leader

Father Richard Whalen – Priest Chaplain

Chaplaincy is one of the resources available to students of Nicholson Catholic College. The Chaplaincy Leader encourages the involvement of the staff and students in the spiritual life of the school.

Each day at Nicholson begins with prayer and during the course of the school year we come together as a community to celebrate Mass at least five times (as the year begins, at Advent, on Ash Wednesday, during Easter and as the school year draws to a close) as well as holding prayer liturgies that are designed and led by different student groups. As well, Chaplaincy Services oversees the sacramental preparation of the Nicholson community.

Father Whalen visits classes to review the Church’s teachings around the sacraments and staff and students are offered opportunities to go to Confession, receive the Eucharist, and, if need be prepare for the sacraments of Initiation. Chaplaincy Services will also, from time to time, offer a Vocations Day to give students an opportunity to explore possible callings to religious life.

The Chaplaincy Leader oversees relevant clubs such as the Social Justice Club and the Jamaica Mission Trip – a biennial trip to Jamaica wherein students get the opportunity to meet and work with different groups of people in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Social Justice Club is open to all students in the school who have an interest in Social Justice as it pertains to the Social Teachings of the Church and in supporting various projects both here at home and in the global south. Recent projects that have been supported include the Tlama Clean Water Project in Mexico, an orphanage in India, the Gleaner’s Food Bank, Birthright in Belleville, to name a few.

Nicholson Catholic College is blessed to have a most beautiful chapel on-site. Each September, Father Whalen brings the Blessed Sacrament to the school and places Jesus in the tabernacle in the Chapel. Our Chapel also bears the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on its walls and she, along with Our Lord in the tabernacle, watch over our community throughout the year.