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The Primary Purpose of Assessment, Evaluation, Grading and Reporting is to Improve Student Learning.

There are structured reporting times and Parent-Teacher-Student conferencing times following mid-term reports. Assessment and evaluation is based on the student's achievement of course expectations related to the four categories of knowledge and skills in the Curriculum Grades 9 – 12

  • Knowledge / Understanding
  • Thinking and Inquiry
  • Communication
  • Application / Making Connection

Teachers will use subject specific “Level of Achievement Charts” found in the Ontario Curriculum as the basis for all assessment and evaluation. The following table provides a summary description of achievement in each percentage grade range with the corresponding level of achievement:

Percentage Grade RangeAchievement Level Summary Description
80-100%Level 4A very high to outstanding level of achievement.
Achievement is above the provincial standard
70-79%Level 3A high level of achievement.
Achievement is at the provincial standard.
60-69%Level 2A moderate level of achievement.
Achievement is below, but approaching the provincial standard.
50-59%Level 1A passable level of achievement.
Achievement is below the provincial level
Below 50% Insufficient achievement of curriculum expectations.
A credit will not be granted.

Level 3 (70-79%) is the provincial standard. Teachers and parents can be confident that students who are achieving at level 3 are well prepared for work in the next grade or the next course.

Final Grades

  • 70% of the evaluation is based on classroom work and may be determined through a variety of methods such as ongoing class demonstrations, presentations, essays, performances and classroom tests and quizzes.
  • 30% of the evaluation is based on a final summative evaluation that may be determined through a variety of methods in the latter portion of the course. These could include a portfolio, essay, examination and/or demonstration. This final evaluation reflects the range and level of student skills and knowledge towards the conclusion of the course.