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About Us

We are proud to be a part of the legacy of excellence in service, scholastics, stewardship and sportsmanship which has characterized Nicholson from the very beginning. As we embark together on a new school year, we will honour all who have walked these halls before us and work together to continue to build our community on the cornerstone of Catholic faith and tradition. You are not just the leaders of tomorrow; you are leaders of today and we commit to support you through each day of your high school career.

Our mandate in this Catholic community is to behave in a manner which reflects our gospel values and which influences others to do the same. “Quis Ut Deus”, Who is like unto God, is our motto and it reminds us all to strive in humility to use our gifts to the fullest in the service of God’s will. We will support each other, grow as individuals and as a community, and take time to celebrate our achievements throughout the school year.