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​​​​​Grade 9

Students currently in Gr. 8 and attending one of our feeder schools (St. Michael's, St. Joseph's, Our Lady of Fatima or St. Gregory's) will spend an entire year planning for their transition to high school. 

In the fall our Gr. 9 Guidance Counsellor starts their initial visits, which will continue over the course of the school year. The counsellor will visit the schools approximately 4-5 times to:
  • meet the students and introduce themselves
  • talk about high school and what to expect
  • bring past students from the school back so current students can hear their experiences
  • organize a school wide shadow day (held at NCC)
  • discuss course selections and return for inputting of courses
  • meet with classroom teachers, school administration and support staff in transition meetings to ensure each student's needs will be met once they arrive at high school  
  • introduce students to peer mentors and uniforms for the following year
All forms and registration information will be provided to students.

Parents/Guardians of students attending one of our non-feeder school are encouraged to contact the Guidance Department to make arrangements for their son/daughter to attend a shadow day where by they can experience life at NCC as a Gr. 9 student and also get their questions asked. 

The school also hosts Gr. 8 Parent/Guardian information night each February and all are invited.

General Registration

If a students is not arriving in September as a Gr. 9, Parents/Guardians are asked to contact the Guidance Office for information on how to register their son/daughter.

Registration Forms

Registration for All Students

Register Online

ALCDSB Aspen - Online Registration Guide​​​

ALCDSB offers pre-registration online for all students. This application will take approximately 15 minutes. After you complete this form, you will still need to call the school to complete the registration. Please make sure to have the following documentation with you as well to complete registration: 

  • ​Evidence of direction of taxes to the Separate School Board

  • Proof of age of Child

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Up to date Immunization Records
For more information, please refer to our policy on Admission to Catholic Schools

Admission to Catholic Schools​

Transportation - required on if your son/daughter will need bus transportation (supplied to feeder school students). Please see the Transportation Link under Parents/Community for eligibility.

School Immunization Formrequired for all students (supplied to feeder school students)