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Community Use of Schools
Community use of schools is a Ministry of Education program that allows organizations and community groups to book school facilities for events and programs.  This was established to support the vision of our schools as a HUB for the local community and to promote closer relationships between the school and community.  There are a variety of uses that the school can be booked and this must be done through the school Board Office Community Use of Schools Portal CUS Booking Link 

When booking the school it is important to remember:
1. The activities taking place must adhere to board rules and Code of Conduct.
2. Events that would have alcohol, fire arms, dangerous events or other elements that could cause risk are not permissible. 
3. Event planners must provide their own Proof of Insurance, or can purchase Event Insurance from OSBIE.
4. You cannot book the school during operational hours and cannot set up for an event during operational hours.
5. Fees and custodial support are determined by the CUS coordinator at the board office. 

We will always facilitate the Community Use of Our Schools and are proud of the relationships this can form.  If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact the school.