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Principal's Welcome Message

The Power of Positive Relationships

One of the goals of our school and Board is to help our students learn how to live in community through positive relationships and realizing their own power to contribute to the common good.  We at St. Mary embrace the fundamental belief that all people wish to be in community and we are all called by God to come together every day.  Over the remainder of the school year we are going to focus on the following for all of our wellness:

  1. The power of being in community.
  2. What is a positive relationship and how to foster them?
  3. Positive on-line presence, how to interact with the global on-line community and how to recognize on-line risks.
  4. Each of our roles in creating a positive community at St. Mary.
  5. Celebrating examples of positive relationship building by students.

We understand that being in community is part of the learning journey for all students and that they will need our support, guidance and examples of how to do this in a caring and safe Catholic school community.  We will bring you more information throughout the school year and share examples of how our students will use their voice, their interests and their acts of kindness to create a stronger St. Mary community of Faith.

Mr. French and Ms. LaHaye