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97 Park Crescent, Amherstview, ON, K7N 1L7| Office: 613-389-1122| Staff Links
Meet the Staff

​Principal​Dr. Michael Muise​​Extension 222
​Vice Principal​Mrs. Terry Marquez​​​Extension 248
​Administrative Assistant​Ms Cathy Lucas​​​Extension 0
Administrative Assistant​Mrs. Sarah Legge​​​Extension 225
​Kindergarten Teacher F. I.​Mme Laura Charette​​​Extension 239
​Early Childhood Educator​Ms Ashley Fischl​​​
​Kindergarten Teacher F.I.​Mme Helene Pelletier​Extension 238
​Early Childhood Educator​Mrs. Stephanie McLaren
​Kindergarten Teacher F. I.​Mme Kate Roberts​​​Extension 235
​Early Childhood Educator​Ms Laura Payne​​​
​Kindergarten Teacher Eng​Mrs. Kari Torres​​​Extension 237
​Early Childhood Educator​Mrs. Lisa Hazel​​​
Gr. 1 F. I.​Mlle Allyson Adams​​​Extension 241
​Gr. 1 F. I.​Mlle Trista Lefave​​​Extension 234
​Gr. 1 Eng​Ms Polly Pearson​​​Extension 240
​Gr. 1/2 F. I.​Mlle Alana Sargeant​​​Extension 247
​Gr. 2 F. I.​Mlle Danielle Tohill​​​Extension 231
​Gr. 2/3 Eng​Mrs. Stephanie Snider​​​Extension 232
​Gr. 3 F. I.​Mme Nathalie Compeau​​​Extension 233
​Gr. 3 F. I. ​Mme Ashley Reinhardt​​​Extension 244
​Gr. 3/4 Eng​Mrs. Kendall Lewis​​​Extension 242
Gr. 4/5 F. I.​​M. Joel Kyer​​​Extension 243
​Gr. 4/5 F. I.​Mlle Sarah Davey​​​Extension 245
​Gr. 4/5 Eng​Ms Stephanie O'Neil​​​Extension 229
​Gr. 5/6 Eng​Mrs. Susanne Lake​​​Extension 286
​Gr. 6/7 F. I.​Mme Veronique Martin​​​Extension 285
​Gr. 7/8 Eng​Mr. Jordan Reid​​​Extension 249
​Gr. 7/8 F.I.​Mlle Jessica Teves​​​Extension 250
​Gr. 8 Eng​Mrs. Kim Carlin Adam​​​Extension 230
​Special Education Resource Teacher​Mrs. Anne Hanley​​​Extension 224
​Kindergarten Prep Teacher​Mrs. Stephanie Whittaker
​French Teacher​Mme Carole Tremblay
​French Teacher​Mlle Courtney Lambert
​French Teacher​M. Kody Dupuis
​Itinerant Arts Teacher​Ms Judy Gladstone
Educational Assistant​Mrs. Denise Bell
​Edcuational Assistant​Mrs. Dara Beaubien
​Educational Assistant​Mrs. Sarah Storms
​Educational Assistant​Mrs. Jennifer Couvreur
​Educational Assistant​Ms Angie Berman
​Child Youth Worker​Ms Jenna Dekoster
​Library Resource Assistant​Mrs. Julie Bradshaw
​Day Custodian​Ms Tammy Peters
​Evening Custodian​​Ms Sherry Payne