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Principal's Welcome Message

Greetings! I am excited to continue to serve the St. James Major Catholic School Community and look forward to growing in faith and community with all students, parents, staff, parish and community members.

I believe that children are our most precious resources.  Children are made in the image of God and deserve the right to be accepted, loved, and respected so that they can grow and develop.  They are our future and therefore it is my role, with the staff, to share a set of Catholic values, which will help them succeed on their life journeys. 

Since each child is unique, our staff at St. James Major Catholic School is dedicated to help each student become an expert learner.  We will work diligently to remove barriers so that ALL students can learn, by providing each student with the tools and strategies needed to excel.  I truly believe that success is not measured by how students learn, but rather by what students learn.

The Catholic learning environment in our school and classrooms must be safe for ALL.  Children must feel free to share both positive and challenging experiences without feeling insecure or threatened.  Risk-taking and having a growth mindset are essential, since this is when true learning happens. 

Our goal at St. James Major Catholic School is to model the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations in order to help our students become responsible citizens, caring family members, lifelong learners, effective communicators, collaborative contributors and reflective, critical thinkers who develop and always demonstrate their God given potential.

At St. James Major Catholic School, learning is contagious and goes beyond the confines of the classroom.  Through self-reflection on our faith, life experiences as well as professional development, we will work with all partners to make 2020-2021 a fantastic year of learning and growing!

Yours in Catholic Education,        

Katie Williamson


St. James Major Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School, Harrowsmith