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Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking Procedures
​​This is information about pick up and drop off procedures so that we can ensure that this time is efficient and most importantly safe for our students and the students of Lancaster Drive Public School. There are changes from last year so we ask that you take time to review this information carefully along with the attached map, prior to the first day of school. Please share this information with anyone who will be responsible for dropping off/picking up your child(ren).

Supervision begins at 8:50. Please do not arrive or drop off students prior to this time. Students who are walking/riding should not be on the yard before 8:50.

The speed limit is reduced to 30km/hour on Lancaster Drive in front of both schools. This will be strongly enforced. Please drive safely. 

A fenced Pedestrian Path (between the St. Teresa and Lancaster Drive parking lots) is to be used for walkers entering the school yard from the front of the school and those exiting to take a school bus. (Look for the grey area on the diagram attached) Traffic Flow Map . Students who are making use of the path system behind the school can enter from the back of the school and go directly to their designated yard area. Please note that for safety and supervision reasons, parents are not permitted on the yard at any time. Same applies for dismissal time.

Students are not permitted to cross Lancaster Drive in front of the school at any time. Students who need to cross Lancaster Drive (either before or after school) should do so at the 4 way stop on Lancaster Drive and Limestone Drive where there is a crossing guard. If you are picking up your child, please do not wait across the road in front of the school or daycare. We are asking that parents please model for students crossing safely at the 4 way stop at all times.

Parents are asked to park on the side streets and enter through the Pedestrian Path or through the pathway system at the back of the school. When parking on side streets please only park on one side of the street and ensure that students are not walking on the roadway to access the path system or sidewalk. The map provided shows where access points to the pathway system are. Park and Stride Map

There is no parking in the St. Teresa parking lot, Children's Place Daycare parking lot or the Lancaster Drive Parking lot. Students are not allowed in the parking lots at any time even if accompanied by an adult. Students will NOT be permitted to enter/exit the school yard through the daycare side parking lot.

Please do not park or stop in bus loading zones. These are located in front of the daycare and both schools. They are clearly marked with signs.

There are some 5 minute drop off zones on the road (red areas with signs) in front of east side of Lancaster Drive school. Please approach from the west and park safely against the curb before letting students out. Students should not be dropped off on Lancaster Drive in front of the school unless in these areas.  

To access the 6 spots in the driveway in front of the school you will now require a Special Circumstance Parking Pass. These spaces are designated for use by students/parents/caregivers that have mobility or health conditions that would prevent them from accessing other parking locations that require walking. To apply for a pass, please email the school at with the following information: 

Parent/Guardian name:

Student(s) name:

Student(s) grade and teacher:

Licence Plate # for vehicle(s):

Reason(s) for requiring a pass:

Applications are reviewed by our Traffic Committee. Once you receive your pass, please display it on the driver's side dash when you arrive at the school so that it is visible to staff. Please do not arrive prior to 8:50 or 3:35 as this area will be blocked off until supervision begins. 

To ease traffic congestion in the area, we ask that you explore other ways to get your child to school other than driving each day. Or, if you do drive, consider a safe drop off location away from the school where you can drop your child and have them walk the rest of the way. We have worked with the City of Kingston to establish Safe Active Transportation Routes. You will notice these wayfinding signs throughout the neighborhood which let you know how far you are from the school whether you are biking, rolling, or walking to school.

City of Kingston has also placed meet-up location signs throughout the school community as part of a 'walking bus' program. This would be a parent led intuitive and an example of a walking bus program would involve parents working together to schedule suitable times to meet at a given 'meet-up location' and walk to school together as a group (typically led by one or two parents). Please see the attached for a map of the various met-up locations. Meet Up Locations Map

There are many great places to park or drop off that allow for a safe route to school. For example:

-There are 5 minute drop off spots on the road in front of the east side of Lancaster school (Red areas with designated signs). Please approach from the west and park against the curb. Students should exit the vehicle on the sidewalk side and walk to the pedestrian path between the two schools. Please do not enter the parking areas directly in front of the school or the parking lot.

-Dunham Street path entrance: Students can access the path and then a short walk to the back of the school. Please only park on the sidewalk side of Dunham.

-Woodside Drive path entrances: There are 2 entrances from Woodside Drive that allow for a short walk down the path to the back of the school. Please only park on the path entrance side (going west on Woodside Dr.)

-Irving Court (off of Keenan Drive): Path entrance with a short walk to the school. Please only park on the path side of Irving Court.

-Limestone Drive path entrance: Short walk to the school. Please only park on the sidewalk side of Limestone Drive.

-Lancaster Drive east of the 4 way stop (older students): Park on the sidewalk side of Lancaster Drive (going east). Students can walk along the sidewalk, cross Limestone with the crossing guard and continue on the sidewalk to the school and up the pedestrian path.

-Chancery Street path entrance: Short walk down the path to the school. Park on the sidewalk side of Chancery St. heading east.

-Bridle Path Cres. Path entrance: Park on the sidewalk side. Short walk to the back of the school.

Please remember to be patient and kind with our staff who are enforcing entry/dismissal routines in order to keep kids safe. Flyers will be handed out to remind parents/caregivers about the drop off/pick up safety guidelines. We will also be working closely with Kingston Police and By-Law officials for those not following set guidelines.

We thank you for your role in ensuring the safety of our students. Please contact us should you have any questions. 


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