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  First Communion Mass
  EQAO Grade 6
  EQAO Grade 6
  Early Years Campus Parent Information Night
  Track and Field
  M. McDonald et Mme Mullin Community Walk
  Children's Safety Village (Mme Rodé et Mme Drouin)
  EQAO Grade 6
  Tennis Club (M. Kyte)
  Jump Rope for Heart (Kindergarten
  Mme Stéphanie and Mme Clarke's class walk to Victoria Park
  Talent Show Auditions
  Student Vote
  Swimming (Mme McLaughlin, Mme Howe, Mme Pharand)
  Social Justice Presentations (M. Kyte)
  Talent Show Auditions
  Student Vote
  Queen's French Camp (Mme Wannamaker & Mme Brown's Class)
  Lost and Found Reunion
  Student Vote
  Queen's French Camp Workshop (Mme Rodé et Mme Drouin)
  Pumphouse Museum End of Year Trip - M. McDonald et Mme Mullin
  Jump Rope for Heart (Grades 1-8)
  Talent Show Auditions
  Immunization Clinic- Round 2 Gr. 7s
  Queen's French Camp Workshop - M. McDonald + Mme Mullin
  Mme Stéphanie and Mme Clarke's class walk to Victoria Park
  School Council Spring Picnic
  Swimming (Mme McLaughlin, Mme Howe, Mme Pharand)
  Kingston Tennis Club (Mme Douthwaite)
  Science Quest (Mme McLaughlin, Mme Pharand)
   EYC Transition Planning Committee Meeting
  Shake, Rattle and Roll (JK/SK M. McDonald)
  Celebration of Learning (M. McDonald et Mme Mullin)
  First Capital Day (M. Mickael, Mme Chaykowski, Mme St. Georges, Mme Stéphanie, Mme Gosselin-Gray, M. McDonald)
  Children's Safety Village (Mme McLaughlin, Mme Howe, Mme Pharand)
  Celebration of Learning for (Mme Wannamaker & Mme Brown's Year 2 students)
  Welcome to Kindergarten
  Kingston Gymnastics Club (Mme Stéphanie)
  Gender Equality presentation by Grade 6 students
  Mme Drouin and Mme Rodé Bowling
  School and Graduation Mass
  Community Walk with Baby Thomas (M. McDonald et Mme Mullin)
  Grade 8 Graduation
  Talent Show
  Splash Pad (Mme Rodé)
  Teddy Bear Picnic (Mme Wannamaker & Mme Brown's class)
  Queen's Physed (M. Kyte et Mme Douthwaite)
  Final Community Walk (M. McDonald + Mme Mullin)
  School Council Meeting
  PA Day
  PA Day