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Social Justice
Student testing his bridge.  Plants grown in a classroom.  Students presenting their reequest for a trip.

Social Justice is a strong tenant of our Catholic Faith Tradition and Family.  We believe in the dignity and rights of all people around the world, guided by the words and teachings of Christ.  At St. Mary's social justice is a fundamental element in all aspects of school business.  This not only means we openly address societal and justice issues through our Catholic lens, it also effects how we allot resources, supports and even our approach to discipline.  As a strong faith community we believe in Redemption and that means that we use Progressive Discipline, Equity and Inclusion and the daily teachings of the Church to approach how we treat and support each other.  We are also guided by the Catholic Social Justice Committee ALCDSB Social Justice Committee at our Board level, who help inform and shape the work that we do at schools.