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Principal's Welcome Message

​​Our Commitment to Each Other

This school year offers each member of our community the opportunity to become their best self.  We truly are blessed to be part of a universal Church that grounds the work we do at St. Mary's, shapes the people we become and connects us to people around the world through our faith experiences.  There is a strong comfort for us knowing that we share our history, stories and teachings with people we have never met, but should we meet there would be a common language/experience.  This leads to our fundamental goal as a school community: "How do we serve and connect with others?" Part of understanding ourselves is to really understand the people around us in our daily lives, community and globally.  We often call it Empathy, but it is much deeper than that.  We are called to serve as Catholics and that is much bigger than feeling sorry for someone and comforting them.  This year we will focus on the Wellness and Personal Safety of all members of our community.  One of the ways we will do this is through exploration and recognition of the gifts God has bestowed on each of us and how we can use them to celebrate, promote and enhance the sense of Wellness in others.  We value the talents, needs, uniqueness and souls of each child and adult who make up our community and welcome you to join us on OUR journey this year so we can all become the best version of ourselves under the patronage of Mary our Mother.