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Ontario​ EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the ecological footprint of schools. The program is focused on both student learning and school operations.

The 4 pillars of Ontario EcoSchools are:

  • Ecological Literacy
  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Minimization
  • School Ground Greening​​

Created by the eco-team of St. John XXIII:

 We are cool…

  • We have a mother duck who lays her eggs in our courtyard. Every spring, the whole school walks the duck family to the nearby pond.
  • We are a PeaceQuest school. This year we celebrated the International Day of Peace (September 25) by having a Peace Play Day!
  • We have a Hydroponic/Aeroponic Water Tower that is growing vegetables through the winter.
  • Chosen students annually go to the Best Foot Forward Eco-conference.
  • We are a 'gold' status school.


Student recycling.
We are clean…
  • We keep our yard clean
  • We compost
  • We reuse paper (Good on One Side=GOOS)
  • We recycle paper, juice boxes, plastics, tin cans, milk cartons, etc.
  • We reuse and recycle items for creating our school play(s)
  • We turn off the lights and Smartboards

Our plant growing in the main hall.

And we are green…

  • We have a vegetable garden in the courtyard
  • We planted shade trees for the courtyard and to give to our mothers on Mother's Day
  • We will be planting native plants for our mother duck and ducklings
  • We have an Elkay Water Station that filters our water. We grew mint to put in our water bottles. 

​St. John XXIII Catholic School is proud to announce that we have achieved Gold Status as an Eco-School.

At ALCDSB we embrace our call to be stewards of God's Gift of Creation. In the context of student success, stewardship takes on a holistic meaning encompassing stewardship of the environment, self and those around us. With this in mind, Outdoor and Environmental Education programming within the ALCDSB seeks to engage our students, Kindergarten through Grade 12, in authentic, integrated learning experiences within the natural environment and within the school community. Engagement levels are high at our Outdoor Centres as students are physically active while exploring the interconnectedness of living things. 

Within the school community, our students continue to participate in Ontario EcoSchools, a rigorous, province-wide certification program which is the vehicle for the Ministry of Education's Policy Framework for Environmental Education in Ontario Schools. The Ontario EcoSchools program places eco-action directly within the sphere of student influence leading to a sense of empowerment and meaningful participation in the local community.

For more information on Ontario EcoSchools, please visit: