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Our Parish

St. Carthagh Catholic ChurchP​​arents, teachers and children,

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful and energizing summer! You might have had the opportunity to be involved in or watched some team activity, may be hockey, soccer, volleyball, etc.  In teamwork, there is so much of mutual dependence and collaboration towards the realization of a common goal.  As we return to begin yet another school year, 2019/2020 academic year, we need to hold high the principles of teamwork because Catholic education is a teamwork between family, the school and the parish. The overall result of this interaction and process is the integral formation of the child. I would therefore like to welcome al of you back to base and to give you the assurance of the cooperation and prayerful support  of our two parishes, St Carthagh and St Edmund's, regarding especially, the faith formation and spiritual growth of the school community  in particular and the families in general. Welcome back to St Carthagh's School!

Fr. Aidan Dasaah

(Parish Priest)

St. Carthagh Roman Catholic Church 613-478-2000

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