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Tuesday, November 27th

November 25, 2018
**********Tomorrow is the day!! Get your outfits ready!!! We are having a flash, clash and stash day! We are encourage you to wear your flashiest, and clashiest clothing together. What that means is you should wear as many patterns and designs as possible! (A plaid shirt and polka doted pants would be pretty flashy and clashy!) Clashing is very encouraged! Also why not add to your appearance and rock some facial hair with a mustasche of your choice.*******************Get ready to show some school spirit at FLash CLash and STash day tomorrow********** **********Are you interested in being a part of St. Mary School Christmas Float in the Township ATV parade on Dec. 7th? Please return the red note to Mrs. Watson as soon as you can. More information to follow. *********** ***There will be a Catholic Girls League meeting at lunch tomorrow; please remember to bring your permission forms if you haven't already.