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Truth and Reconciliation Week 2023

September 22, 2023

TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION WEEK.pngFrom Sept. 25 – 30 ALCDSB schools will be reviewing Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and exploring conversations on True History reconciliation and responsibilities in preparation for the #NationalDayofTruthandReconciliation on Saturday, September 30.

Due to September 30 falling on a Saturday this year, the ALCDSB is recognizing this day on Friday, September 29. We encourage all members of the ALCDSB to send out messaging around students and staff wearing Orange Shirts on Friday, September 29 to demonstrate ALCDSB support and commitment to Residential School survivors and their families.
The #ALCDSB acknowledges this date to bring about structural change, not to simply participate in a one-day event. It is not just only one day for reflecting on and remembering the thousands of Indigenous children taken from their homes and sent to Residential Schools across this nation. On this day we remember their families and Residential School Survivors and ensure space and time to continue to build relationships, have conversations and take action by continuing to do the work. It is a time to also discuss Influential Indigenous change makers.
Every educator across the ALCDSB has a responsibility to encourage school based actionable change towards Truth and Reconciliation and to understand and teach the True History of this country.
What some ALCDSB educators are doing with their students this week to acknowledge and educate on The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation:
  • keep in line with the FNMIEAO Guidelines when engaging with Indigenous knowledge
  • focus on Indigenous Change-makers and True History
  • build with the resources sent from the Indigenous Education Team
  • explore the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action with your students. Have students commit to an actionable change moving forward
For example:
  • learn about which Treaty your school is situated on
  • co-create an actionable change with your class, examples: co-create an Indigenous playlist with the class
  • commitment to reading and centering Indigenous texts or purchasing from local Indigenous owned vendors and shops
  • uphold Indigenous way of knowing with respect and integrity.
  • For example, collaborate and consult with the Indigenous Education Team in planning to ensure you are well supported and protocols are followed.
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