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Principal's Welcome Message


We are Formed in the Faith

It has been a true honour and privilege to have been the leader at St. Michael Catholic School since January 2020. Supporting our community through the pandemic and getting to know our families and their experiences has deeply touched my life since my arrival. The staff of St. Michael Catholic School are second to none and they continue to see the children in their care through Gods soft and loving eyes. We continue to be a strong community of faith led by Father Whalen. Our students demonstrate Faith in Action each and every day. Our community has worked together, prayed together and played together.

Our school is formed on the belief that our students will grow to their full potential and feel loved, inspired and successful. We do this through our Faith and service to others. 

We are blessed to offer two academic streams in both French and English from Kindergarten to Grade six, and we are beginning to work towards a K-12 campus model with our sister school Nicholson Catholic College, where the grade 7 and 8 French Immersion and English students continue their journey through the Catholic Education System. 

We have recently also had the amazing opportunity to take student voice and utilize it to develop a new plan for our school yard. The Come Alive Outside project was truly a unique opportunity that will make our school the envy of every school in Belleville. We work hard to understand student behaviour through the sense of Self Regulation and Trauma Informed practices. 

We are rooted in Faith as we support our students to become discerning believers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens. We consistently set high expectations for our students as they strive for academic success. We live with the belief that we are Formed in the Faith

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 

​God Bless,

Mr. Brad Reitzel