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Computer Studies

Holy Cross offers a number of courses in the area of computer studies at all grade levels. In Grades 10, 11 and 12, the courses are divided into two different but related areas:

  1. Computer Science where the focus is on writing computer programs and creating applications to use the computer to solve problems.
  2. Computer Engineering where the focus is on learning how the computer works.
Computer student shows off their 3D print of a house.jpgComputer and information science is more than running application programs and programming. Rather, it relates to the ways in which computers represent conceptual objects and how computer systems allow those objects to interact. Computer and information science is the study of ways of representing objects and processes. It involves defining problems, analysing and designing solutions, and developing, testing, and maintaining programs.

Computer and information science education is relevant for all students because it incorporates a broad range of transferable problem-solving skills and techniques. It combines logical thinking, creative design, synthesis, and evaluation, and also teaches generically useful skills in such areas as communication, time management, organization, and teamwork.

Comput​er and information science will prepare students for an increasingly technological world. A foundation in this discipline will introduce students to the excitement and opportunities afforded by this dynamic field and will begin to prepare them for careers in information technology.​​

​Compu​ter Engineering where the focus is on learning how the computer works.​ Computer engineering allows students to look at computers in a way in which they aren't used to seeing them. The students work in a fun atmosphere where they work with robots and make things such as calculators. Students also learn how to fix and repair computers and the different parts inside of computers, while learning in a fun and positive atmosphere.

(Photo above: A Holy Cross Computer student displays their house model they made using a 3D printer.)