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As your child learns to read and write and as your child becomes a more fluent reader and a clearer writer

November 22, 2018

read and write.png​With regular practice, children develop fluency in reading and writing. At the same time, they will also learn to think more deeply about the stories or information that they read. In this stage, your child: • Is able to adapt his or her reading to different types of reading materials, recognizes many words, knows how to make sense of words and is willing to try reading new things • Writes simple sentences by using real letters, spaces between words and some punctuation • Enjoys writing and shows interest in writing in different ways – for example, writes grocery lists, short emails or text messages • Starts to be aware that media are used for different purposes – for example, to educate, to convey a message or to sell something

Fluent readers think about what they are reading in the context of other experiences they have had. In this stage, your child: • Connects ideas and experiences in print to his or her own knowledge and experience • Predicts events in a story • Values reading and does so on his or her own initiative • Extends reading skills to writing and begins to: - Use a variety of strategies to spell words correctly - Use a variety of types of sentences - Write about things he or she cares about (it could be your family, a video game or a pet) 

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