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Before your child begins to read and write

November 22, 2018

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Young children are eager learners and can develop literacy skills in a variety of ways. In this stage, your child: 

• Likes to be read to and to look at books or words 

• Learns about words by playing with letter blocks, looking at picture books, playing with magnetic letters, singing songs and reading simple traffic signs or logos on food packages 

• Begins to understand that his or her own thoughts can be turned into text, whether on paper or on a computer, by using pictures, symbols and letters 

• Begins to act like a reader – for example, holds a book or e-reader, or works a computer mouse and pretends to read 

• Begins to act like a writer – for example, holds a pencil, crayon or marker and pretends to write, types on a keyboard, makes letters with modelling clay 

• Uses both recall and pictures to tell the story 

• Is curious and asks lots of questions about his or her world

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