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Resolving An Issue​

At the ALCDSB, your child is our top priority.  We understand that we have been entrusted to provide high quality education in a safe and caring environment.  If at any time you have a concern about something within your school, please refer to the Board's  Communications, Concerns and Complain Resolutions Policy and Procedures    As per the Board's Procedures, the following is a step by step guide for parents/guardians: 
Step 1: The issue or concern is to be discussed with the classroom teacher.
Step 2: If the parent/guardian and the teacher are not able to resolve the issue, it will be discussed with the school Principal. The Principal will gather facts to clarify the problem and work to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.
Step 3: If the parent/guardian and the school Principal are not able to resolve the issue, contact is made with the school Superintendent. The Superintendent will review the matter as it relates to established policies and procedures and respond to the parent/guardian and Principal about the concern.
Step 4: If the parent/guardian and the Superintendent are not able to resolve the issue, the parent/guardian may request the matter be reviewed by the Director of Education. The Director of Education (or designate) will review the matter and communicate directly with the complainant or through the Superintendent.
NOTE: Concerns or complaints will not be considered unless the complainant has identified themselves by name. Any correspondence that is sent anonymously will not receive a response.