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Community Involvement

​ ​Students must complete 40 hours of community involvement activities, beginning in September of grade 9, in order to be granted their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This community involvement is to be completed outside of class hours at any time during their years in secondary school. The community involvement activity will encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility and contribute to students’ personal development. Documentation will be collected as completed and updated on the final report card each semester.

 Below are some suggestions to help when you consider what constitutes a valid “volunteer” activity:

• Volunteering for Community Organizations (United Way, your church, Big Brothers/Sisters, Gleaners) are all great!

• Volunteering at a seniors home to read, play games or just visit with resident’s

• Tutoring an elementary school student


The following are NOT volunteer activities:

• Family commitments (shoveling snow at home, helping your family move, babysitting your little brother or sister)

• Volunteering at a business when you should be getting paid (ABC Painting to paint houses, XYZ Roofing to roof a house, PQR Restaurant to help server meals – this is just free labour)

• Activities done during school time or for school credit

There are many opportunities in our community where you can volunteer and making a plan to start now is important. Please plan on completing as many hours as you can this year, especially over weekends, holidays and exams.

If you are uncertain if your activity would count as a Community Service or require any assistance, please check with Guidance before starting the activity.

The Ministry of Education's website has more information.

Students are strongly encouraged to start their Community Service immediately upon the end of Gr. 8. Collecting Community Service hours in senior grades can be difficult due to part-time employment and the academic demands of school.

Community Service Record Sheet -  must be completed and submitted for all activities