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School History

​Since 1960​

Nicholson Catholic College opened its doors for the first time in September, 1960, when it replaced St. Michael's High School, which had been in existence since 1930. In 1960, Nicholson consisted of grades 11,12, and 13. In 1965, Nicholson was expanded to include grades 9 and 10, when the Belleville Separate School Board opened Nicholson Senior School adjacent to Nicholson Catholic College. 

At present Nicholson includes grades 9 to 12 and has an enrollment of approximately 700 students.

Nicholson was named in honour of Monsignor J.F. Nicholson, V.G., P.A., with whose help and guidance a Catholic high school was first opened in Belleville. Monsignor Nicholson was the pastor of St. Michael's parish.

The establishment of Nicholson was the result of the generosity of many people

The school owes much to bequests from Monsignor Nicholson and Dean L.B. Garvin, as well as to the continuing support of the clergy and people of Belleville and area. Notable among these is the Religious community of the Sisters of Providence and the many Sisters who staffed the school from the beginning.​

"Quis Ut Deus"

"Who is like unto God"

The Nicholson Catholic College crest bears the motto "Quis Ut Deus" ("Who is like unto God"), which links the school to St. Michael whose name has the same meaning. 

Our Crest

  • Coloured in blue and silver
  • The coat of arms bears the stars of Providence - - a reference to the Sisters of Providence
  • The stars are symbolic also of the Star of Bethlehem and Our Lady, who is often referred to as the Star of the sea
  • Between the stars is a gate in a city wall, overhung by a bell, which represents the city of Belleville
  • The pictured fiery sword belongs to St. Michael; the upsweeping wings indicate the rising of the spirit of God

Our motto "Quis Ut Deus" continues to be immediately relevant. It is the cry of the soldiers of Christ- those confirmed in the faith and dedicated to the promotion of Christ's Kingdom.

A Tradition of Academic Excellence

Nicholson Catholic College was originally built as a private secondary school to educate the children of the Catholic community in Belleville and the surrounding area. Nicholson was named in honour of Monsignor J. F. Nicholson, the pastor of St. Michael's Parish, whose help and guidance was instrumental in making the dream become a reality. The school is now a publicly funded secondary school in the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board.

The origins of the school can be clearly seen in the strength of the school community. There is a special appreciation for the religious community of the Sisters of Providence and the many sisters who staffed the school from the beginning. Many parents in the community went to school at Nicholson Catholic College. They hold a deep attachment to the school, and a strong desire to see it continue to thrive and grow. They also wish to ensure that it retains its traditional role as a school that is concerned for the development of the whole child, fostering the growth and development of a student who possesses the knowledge and skills required to make an impact in an ever changing world, and the mental and moral maturity required to discern which impact will improve society.

While the school welcomes all students who wish to register, regardless of their religious affiliation, the majority of students are still drawn from the Catholic community. Students attend a course in religion each year. Parents choose to have their children attend Nicholson Catholic College because of its tradition of academic excellence and for the Christian values that permeate the entire curriculum and the ethos of the school.

Mission Statement

We are a Catholic School system, called to work in partnership with home, parish and community, on our journey to understand and live the way of Jesus Christ.
We are committed to excellence in Catholic education and to lifelong learning, so that those with whom we journey may become caring and contributing citizens in a world of constant challenge.​