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​ Student Senate

October 18, 2023

Students from all 5 secondary schools came together at Nicholson Catholic College today to discuss the role of student leadership in our Catholic Learning communities.

Students engaged in discussions around student mental health and well-being, student safety and how to reach and represent those whose voices are missing or underrepresented in our schools. The group talked about student elections and the importance of ensuring elections are equitable and reflective of the goals of servant leadership.

2023 Student Senate.jpg
 Student Senate - November 2023
About Student Senate:
The ALCDSB Student Senate is comprised of the elected head(s) of each of the system’s secondary school student governments. Each April, the Student Senate holds an election where the new Student Trustees for the following school year will be elected.  The Student Trustee acts as the Chair of the Student Senate.
The Student Senate meet at least three (3) times each school year and perform the following specific functions:
·       elect the Student Trustee annually;
·       advise the Student Trustee as requested;
·       raise with the Student Trustee matters of system need or concern from the student perspective.