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Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

November 17, 2020
This week is Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. Each Day there are new student Challenges. Monday: give an authentic compliment. Instead of bringing each other down, let's boost each other up Tuesday: Your challenge is to be like St. Joseph the Protector. Say something if you notice someone being teased or bullied Wednesday: Today each class will receive a KIND Bingo Card. Your class is challenged to complete the Bingo card together by doing KIND deeds throughout the day. If you complete a full line of KIND deeds bring you card to Ms. McKerral's room or a prized to display in your classroom. Thursday: Send or post a KIND note through social media or in person. Be the reason that someone smiles today. Frinday: Meet a new person by giving a compliment or striking up a conversation. Please take your messages that you learned this week and make them part of your EVERY day