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Draft Long-Term Accommodation Plan Review

November 15, 2023

TW - Long-Term Accommodation Plan.pngWe value the input of our community members and stakeholders, which is why the the ALCDSB is inviting staff, families, and community members to review and provide feedback on the ALCDSB's 2023 Draft Long-Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP).

Feedback can be submitted via this online form from November 15, 2023 through December 15, 2023 
Once stakeholder feedback has been collected, staff will provide a report to Trustees for review. 
To review the ALCDSB’s draft Long-Term Accommodation Plan click here
About the ALCDSB’s Long-Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP): 
The ALCDSB’s LTAP, is a comprehensive planning document illustrating a 15-year+ planning horizon. The report is updated every five years to help guide capital investment, program, and facility decisions that support the vision for the ALCDSB as set out in its Multi-Year Strategic Plan.  
A Long-Term Accommodation Plan allows ALCDSB to plan and prioritize to ensure that board facilities are meeting the needs of our communities. Data such as school size, future student enrolment, current and future utilization, physical condition, program options, regional demographic trends, municipal development plans and other factors, enable the Board to identify accommodation issues, plan and prioritize next steps to ensure board facilities are meeting the needs of our communities.  
The ALCDSB’s LTAP supports: 
  • Facility renewal projects to address retrofitting of existing school buildings and opportunities to improve program delivery opportunities within its schools.  
  • Identification of potential school boundaries adjustments options that respond to changing community demands. Prior to the implementation of any school boundary adjustment additional public consultation is required as per the Board’s policy and procedures. 
  • Potential Community Planning and Facility Partnerships opportunities.  
  • Securing additional capital funding approvals, through Capital Project submissions in response to Ministry capital funding announcements, to address growth-related student accommodation needs such as the addition of state-of-the-art program spaces, childcare and EarlyON programs. 
  • The LTAP has been developed in concert with the Board’s Planning and Facilities staff, in partnership with Finance staff, and further informed through discussions with other Board departments and decision-makers, as appropriate. 
  • Should any school closures and/or consolidations be considered, these require the completion of additional community consultations, called Pupil Accommodation Reviews (PARs). The Ministry of Education currently has a moratorium on the completion of any accommodation reviews by school boards.  
To learn more about the Board’s LTAP and Pupil Accommodation strategy click here