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Canada-Spain Exchange Program Available to Students in Grades 7-9

October 12, 2023

Canada Spain Thumbnail.pngThe ALCDSB has teamed up with Ken’s Education Group to provide ALCDSB students currently enrolled in grades 7, 8 and 9 the opportunity to apply for a space in the Canada-Spain Exchange Program for the 2024 – 2025 school year.  

The Canada-Spain Exchange Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students who want to take a chance, travel, and learn in a safe and comfortable group setting with the support of their school board.  
  • Diversify your abilities to deal with a multicultural world and labour force 
  • Step outside your comfort zone and learn to be more independent 
  • Develop Spanish language skills 
  • Make new friendships in a foreign country ​
  • Be an ambassador for your school and country 
  • Participate as a family 
  • Improve your workplace curriculum 
  • Have fun and discover the wonders of a new culture! 
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Program details 
Fall 2024 - Spanish student's visit to Canada 
Duration: 5 weeks (Spanish student in Canada) 
March 2025 - Canadian student's visit to Spain 
Duration: 4 weeks (Canadian student in Spain)  
Both students will stay with host families, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.  
Canadian youth are matched with a Spanish student and family with similar interests, of the same gender and close to the same age.  
Participants and families are carefully screened. 
Both students will have assistance from ALCDSB, Ken’s, teachers, and peers throughout the program. 
Information Session 
Register to attend an in-person parent information session on Monday, October 30 at 6:00 p.m.  
Board Office 
151 Dairy Avenue 
Registration is required: Please email   
For those unable to attend the session an information package  
will be made available after the session. 
How to apply 
To participate in this life-changing experience, please follow these steps: 
1. Contact email Charlene Landry-Kyte from the school board at and Ken’s to express your interest. 
2. Fill out the application form that we will share with you. 
3. Complete the application process. 
Please note that spaces are limited, and applications will be processed based on the best match possible for every family. The program will proceed with a minimum of 10 students per country.  
About Ken’s Exchange Program 
The Ken's Exchange Program was created to provide a unique opportunity for individuals to connect two wonderful countries. Both countries hold strong values, and in today's world, it is crucial for young people to learn about respect, integrity, honesty, independence, hope, love, friendship, and peace.  
Our programs aim to educate students and offer them the chance to learn from one another, not only by acquiring a new language – a vital skill in most workplaces today – but also by immersing themselves in a new culture. Having an open mind and an open heart are qualities that cannot be replaced and are not easily taught; they are aspects that must be experienced. Canadian students are already educated about respecting other cultures due to their upbringing in a multicultural society.  
Our program provides them with the opportunity to practice and truly embrace multiculturalism. We focus on developing students' soft skills, which are crucial for their future endeavors.   
We encourage both friendship and family values. We inspire students to participate in family activities, whether it be volunteering, hiking, watching TV, playing board games, fishing, shopping or more. There are so many easy ways to show someone your culture and we at Ken’s are there to guide you every step of the way. 
Watch a short promo video here