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Franco-Ontarian Day

September 22, 2023

TW - Franco-Ontarian Day.pngSeptember 25th is officially recognized as Franco-Ontarian Day in the province of Ontario. There are more than 622,000 Francophones and 1.5 million Ontarians who can speak French, making Ontario Canada’s largest Francophone community outside of Québec.  

First recognized in 2010, Franco-Ontarian Day represents over 400 years of Francophone history, celebrating the community’s social, economic, cultural, and political contributions in our province. 
To celebrate Franco-Ontarian day as a board, the ALCDSB encourages school communities to engage in activities that highlight francophone culture in Ontario during the week of September 25-29th.  
Click here for resources, songs and videos surrounding the history and culture of Franco-Ontarian Day.