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Mental Health Week 2023

April 29, 2023

CMHA-MHW-News Announcement ArtWork.jpgFrom May 1-7, the ALCDSB is recognizing The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week. See below for details on how the ALCDSB is recognizing and participating in Mental Health Week 2023.

Mental Health Week is a social change campaign to educate the public and shift beliefs and perceptions about mental health. We all have mental health. We all have stories about mental health. We all need to take care of our mental health; therefore the theme of this year’s campaign is stories. We all have stories about our mental health – about our everyday feelings, times when we were struggling, or about how we handled it.
How do stories help? Sometimes, learning about someone else’s experience can help us feel less alone. Real-life stories can help inspire you and remind you that there are people out there with similar experiences. What does good mental health mean to you?
To participate or to learn more about Mental Health Week 2023 and the #MYSTORY campaign please visit
Smile, it is cookie time again! From May 1st to 7th we are excited to launch the annual Smile Cookie Campaign! What makes this campaign so sweet (other than the iconic cookies), is all the great volunteers that come and support UKHF our local Kingston Tim Hortons stores!
This year, 100 percent of ALL Smile Cookie proceeds go to Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s (KHSC) Child & Youth Mental Health Program. Last year SMILE COOKIE 2022 raised a record breaking $192,945.00! This year is going to be even bigger!
They are still looking for volunteers to fill spots from 7:00 am – 9:00 am, at participating locations. There are also cookie decorating shifts. These are 2 hour shifts from 4:00 – 6:00 pm. Any child 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. The role of the volunteers would be to either decorate cookies or encourage customers to purchase a Smile Cookie. Click here to view and sign up for available shifts click here.
If interested, please call Gary at (613) 549-5452 x 5915 or email with which shifts and location you would like to sign up for. Help your community by decorating cookies!

The Self-Care Wheel
The self-care wheel, created by Olga Phoenix, was created in response to urgent need for a more comprehensive and results-rich approach to self-care. Staff and students are invited to use this wheel (and to share with families!) to support mental health during this important week and beyond!

CMHA - Mental Health Week Header.jpg
Understanding Mental Health
Mental health is the state of our psychological and emotional well-being. It encompasses our emotions, feelings of connection, thoughts, and the ability to manage life’s highs and lows. Throughout our lives, we will all experience periods of positive and negative mental health. Click here to learn more.

Share Your Story Safely
Sharing a personal story of mental health can reinforce feelings of strength, resilience, and perseverance. Storytelling is also a powerful tool to reduce stigma and shame. You might consider sharing your story to inspire others in a similar situation to find a way through. Click here to learn more.


Children’s Mental Health Week
#EveryStudent resources support authentic relationships and belonging during Mental Health Week and beyond.

This year, for Canadian Mental Health Week, the goal is to shine a spotlight on community-based mental health care champions, programs and communities and the importance of access to mental health care. When we think of mental health champions, the incredible school staff who support every student daily come to mind.

Children's Mental Health Week kit, found here has easy to access resources for educators and parents.​