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Catholic Leadership Development Program

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 Catholic Leadership at ALCDSB

Why Catholic Leadership at ALCDSB

We believe investing in the development of high-quality leadership is an integral component to the continued excellence of Catholic Education and the success of our students. 

The Catholic Leadership Development Program is a two-part program for ALCDSB staff that supports student achievement and well-being by fostering the growth of passionate and skilled leaders in our Catholic learning communities and across our system. β€‹β€‹

About the Program

Part 1 and Part 2 of the Aspiring Catholic Leadership Program consists of six modules each. They are offered in a blended-learning format annually between October and May and designed to support participants in their professional and personal leadership journey.

Part 1 of Aspiring Catholic Leadership
Part 1 provides an opportunity for future school and system leaders to grow their leadership capacity through discussion, reflection, and discernment of their own leadership potential. Participants will reflect on vision, values, influence, and motivation within the context of Catholic education and leadership at ALCDSB through an exploration of the Personal Leadership Resources from the Ontario Leadership Framework.       

Part 2 of Aspiring Catholic Leadership
Part 2 builds on foundational principles of leadership as explored in Part 1. In this session, course participants will focus on the Core Leadership Capacities that empower School Level Leadership practices in the Catholic Leadership Framework:
1. Building Relationships and Developing People
2. Setting Direction
3. Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices
4. Improving the Instructional Program and
5. Securing Accountability

Sessions will incorporate guiding questions, case studies, reflection, and both large and small group discussion​

 Upcoming ALCDSB Catholic Leadership Opportunities


Upcoming sessions for the Aspiring Catholic Leadership program will be posted here.
Check back regularly for updates

Aspiring Catholic Leadership Parts 1 and 2 will begin this year in October 2023.  Each program consists of six modules, offered in a blended-learning format between October and May, and designed to support you in your professional and personal leadership journey. For more details about the courses and the ALCDSB Catholic Leadership Development program, click on the link to the information booklet above.

To enroll in the Aspiring Catholic Leadership (Part 1) program use the "PD & Event" Tab on your Apply to Education profile. Look for "Aspiring Catholic Leadership - Part 1" (Registration closes Friday, October 13th, 2023).

To enroll in the Aspiring Catholic Leadership (Part 2) program use the "PD & Event" Tab on your Apply to Education profile. Look for "Aspiring Catholic Leadership - Part 2" (Registration closes Friday, October 13th, 2023).​