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St. Peter Catholic School Wins Umbrella Project Award

June 03, 2021


This May 31st marked the virtual presentation ceremony for the Umbrella Project Awards 2021. The Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board is excited, and extremely proud to announce that St. Peter Catholic School in Trenton has been named one of two Umbrella Project Award winners for the School Community category!  

This award recognizes commitment to using the Umbrella Skills to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing, and social - emotional learning of the school community. Winning schools also receive a generous prize pack which includes:

  • A $1500.00 cash prize
  • A student or parent workshop professional development bundle
  • A copy of the Umbrella Parenting 101 course for each family at the school

St. Peter CS was nominated for the award by Principal Gloria Hacket-Desgagne.  She views the pillars of the Umbrella Skills as essential in creating and fostering welcoming learning environments that strengthen the wellbeing of students, both in and outside of school. 

"When we hear from parents about how their children are consciously using the lessons and techniques –reframing obstacles as opportunities for example – that we're able to deliver through the Umbrella Skills programming, it really reinforces how this program benefits our schools on a daily basis right now, while building a generation of kind, resilient, and self-aware global citizens for the future." She said.

 Supported by a generous donation from Jeffery Howell, and Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Company, the Umbrella Project programming was able to run at St. Peter, as well as St. Paul Catholic School, St. Mary Catholic School in Trenton, and Sacred Heart Catholic School in Batawa. The ALCDSB is extremely thankful to Jeffery and the team at Bay of Quinte Mutual Insurance Co. for their generosity and willingness to help our students, educators and families through this impactful program.

 The Umbrella Project kicked off at St. Peter last year, led by Classroom Teacher Meredith Mcleod, and Youth Worker Meaghan Crowe respectively. Principal Hacket- Desgagne emphasized the key role both played in helping St. Peter achieve this year's award: “Meaghan and Meredith's work has been exemplary. It was a full school endeavor for sure, but their commitment and contributions in particular have been incredible, and our school community is grateful to both of these amazing staff members."

Meaghan Crowe Youth Worker.jpg

Youth Worker Meaghan Crowe  during one of her video sessions on Umbrella Skills. 

 The Umbrella Project is a teacher-led curriculum and school-based program created to help teachers, students and parents reframe our perception of challenges and strengthen the skills of well-being to positively cope with the everyday stresses of life. The skills in our umbrella are vital in building the strong and healthy relationships that carry us through life, and in creating communities with lots of extra shelter and support to go around. Find out more: