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​Student Senate​

The ALCDSB Student Senate is comprised of the elected head(s) of each of the system’s secondary school student governments.  Each April, the Student Senate holds an election where the new Student Trustee for the following school year will be elected.  The Student Trustee acts as the Chair of the Student Senate.  The Student Senate shall meet at least three (3) times each school year and will perform the following specific functions:

  • elect the Student Trustee annually;

  • advise the Student Trustee as requested;

  • raise with the Student Trustee matters of system need or concern from the student perspective.

What is Student Trustee?

  • The Student Trustee represents all students in the Board (approximately 12,000)

  • The position requires the Student Trustee to attend two Committee Meetings and one Board Meeting per month. Most meetings occur at the ALCDSB's office in Napanee.  However, special sessions can be held at other locations.

  • The Student Trustee sits on ad hoc committees of the Board requiring Trustee representation, such as Catholic Education Week, or the ALCE Foundation.

  • The Student Trustee is a registered member of the Ontario Student Trustees' Association (OSTA). This is the network of all Student Trustees in the province, including both Public and Catholic boards. The Student Trustee also belongs to the Catholic Board Council (CBC), a division of OSTA.

  • The Student Trustee meets regularly (approximately three meetings each school year) with the Student Senate, of which he or she is Chair.  The Student Senate is made up of Student Council Presidents from each of the Board's five secondary schools.  It is the Trustee's responsibility to inform the Council of issues affecting students of the Board, to gather student opinions in order to fulfill his or her job as their representative and to allow each Student Council to share their events and ideas with one another.​

Past School Presentations to Board

Over the course of the school year, each high school represented on the Student Senate will have the opportunity to present to the Board of Trustees regarding their school. Please see the below presentations from the 2017-18 school year.