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Social Justice

One of the most distinctive features of our Roman Catholic faith is our Church's rich tradition of social teaching. It is critical to the unique profile of Catholic education that this teaching be explicitly integrated not only into the curriculum but also into the overall life of our school communities.

Our students, staff, parents, trustees, and pastors have traditionally involved themselves in a wide range of social action activities. Whether it is a food or clothing drive, a class discussion about poverty in our world, or participation in a public demonstration, our Catholic schools demonstrate consistent leadership in these areas.

Last year we collected over 8000 bags and sent them on to Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Baord where they were woven into mats for eboli victims by high school students.  These mats last for up to 20 years and repel insects and scorpions.  This year the students at St. Patrick decided to make their own mats.  So far we have collected over 10,000 milkbags.   We estimate we use about 100 bags to make one child size mat.  We hope to make 100 mats by the end of June.  We have 10 frames, one for each classroom, which students helped to build out of wood.  Gr. 7/8 students have taken a lead role in the weaving process and demonstrations.   They are also responsible for completing and teaching others how to finish the mats by braiding the ends.  These mats will be sent to Toronto where the Canadian Food for Children Foundation will use them as packing material to ship food and supplies to countries such as Africa and South America.  They will be distributed to families along with the food and supplies to improve their quality of life by providing mats to sleep on for many years to come.

Catholic Social Justice is grounded in scripture. At St. Patrick, we challenge our staff, students, and wider community to denounce injustices when we see them and announce new, just ways of living together in community. In addition to being grounded in scripture, Catholic Social Justice at St. Patrick is shaped by Catholic Social Teaching, the official instruction on social issues from the Pope or Catholic Bishops. This instruction tells us that we were called to address global poverty and inequality, saying it is Christians’ responsibility to “scrutinize the signs of the times and interpret them in the light of the Gospel”. Catholic Social Justice looks to the public witness of believers who have embodied its principles as additional sources of guidance, inspiration, and instruction. Pope Francis said in Evangelii Gaudium, “realities are more important than ideas” (2013). Catholic Social Justice is informed by the prophetic challenge offered by the experience of those suffering from injustice.

1) In the past our social justice projects have focused on the Global project of creating beds for third world countries out of milk bags.

2) We also support the South Frontenac Food Bank at several times during the year.