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Positive School Climate and Well-Being

The ALCDSB is dedicated to creating and promoting positive school climate and well-being in all of our schools. Respecting the dignity of all persons by fostering trusting relationships through policies and practices that promote equity, inclusion and diversity are at the core of our Catholic values, the Board's spiritual theme of Faith in Action and our provincial Catholic Graduate Expectations. A positive school climate is directly linked to student success and well-being ensuring students are motivated to do well and will realize their full potential. We are committed to sustaining healthy and nurturing communities of belonging that are safe, caring and respectful and built on the principles of restorative practice and progressive discipline.

The ALCDSB and its school communities engage in a whole school approach in putting prevention and intervention strategies in place to facilitate a positive relationship between students, staff, parents and community partners.

To view our school's commitment to promoting positive school climate and well-being, please see the attached document.
SHRM SIPSAW October 29 2015

Students share with teachers, parents, and parish the responsibility of maintaining the special spirit and character of the Catholic school within our community.  This environment depends upon the cooperation and commitment of all involved.

As a community we treat others with dignity, respect, equity, forgiveness and compassion through various actions we do directly and indirectly

  • helping another student in need

  • including others who are left out

  • challenging "by-stander" behaviours

  • expressing concern and care when someone isn't feeling top-notch

  • recognize feelings and perspective of others.