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Transportation Specialist

Transportation affects our lives in a multitude of ways. We drive cars for everyday purposes, use mass transit to commute to work, and fly and cruise on holidays. Transportation systems move raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to consumers locally, nationally, and globally. In addition to being essential to our daily lives, transportation and transportation systems are an important area of employment in our economy.

Transport Canada's Transportation in Canada 2006 reports that the industry provided work for approximately 881,000 people, and that employment in this sector "has grown steadily since 2000, reflecting a high demand for qualified personnel". 

Our SHSM Transportation program provides students with a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers in the transportation sector, from those focusing on the service, repair, and modification of vehicles and vehicle systems to those related to the organization and management of transportation services and mass-transit systems.

Pursuing the Specialist High Skills Major in Transportation enables students to:

  • Customize their secondary school education to suit their interests and talents while meeting the requirements for the OSSD
  • Select a bundle of 9 required credits focused on sector specific knowledge and skills
  • Explore, identify, and refine career goals and make informed decisions abut their postsecondary options
  • Provide evidence of achievement of the required components of the SHSM (Eg. sector recognized certifications) for prospective employers and postsecondary educational instructions
  • Take part in "reach ahead" experience that will help them gain confidence in their ability to be successful, refine skills and work habits, and make an informed choice about future careers and next steps
  • Prepare for a postsecondary opportunity of their choice in this economic sector

     The program is also designed with the flexibility to allow students to shift between pathways (e.g. switch from a pathway leading to college to an apprenticeship pathway) or discontinue the SHSM program should their career plans change in Grade 11 or 12.