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School Access

June 09, 2020

Dear J.J. O'Neill Catholic School Families,

Students/parents may temporarily access J.J. O'Neill Catholic School to retrieve personal items and return school resources, following the local public health approved access protocols. Students may keep any resources required for the continuation of learning. Please return all other items, clearly labelling child's name and the classroom teacher's name.

● All persons entering the school must be screened in advance of arriving at the school using the self-assessment tool.

● All persons entering the school must complete the Active Screening process and complete the sign-in log.

● A Principal or designate will be on-site to promote physical distancing, while the school is accessible to parents/students.  This will ensure everyone keeps a 2 metre (6 foot) distance from others. 

Parent/Student Responsibilities

● Arrive only at the time designated by the school Principal.
● Enter and exit at the designated doors.
● Wash your hands using the provided hand sanitizer at the front entrance.
● Follow the directions provided by the Principal at the entrance. Sign the Active Screening log in sheet.
● Keep a 2-metre (6 feet) distance from anyone else in the school to ensure physical distancing at all times. 
● Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth unless you have just cleaned your hands.
● Cover any cough or sneeze with a tissue or into your arm, not onto your hands. (remember to stay home if you are sick)
● Limit your time in the school to a few minutes.
● Go directly to the classroom and/or locker where you need to retrieve your personal items.
● In some schools, arrangements may have been made for your child's items to be pre-bagged and you will pick up their personal items at the designated location.
● If you need to access the elevator do not enter the elevator if someone else is in it.
● Return school resources, if no longer needed for ALCDSB Academic and Wellbeing Emergency Remote Learning, in the designated locations.
● If someone else is at the entrance when you are ready to leave, maintain the 2-metre (6 feet) physical distance and leave when they have moved on.
● When leaving the school, proceed to your car or immediately leave the school property. Do not gather in groups.

Access Schedule

Sr. K & Grade 89:00 to 10:00Thursday June 18
Jr. K & Grade 79:00 to 10:00Friday June 19
Grades 1 & 610:00 to 11:00Thursday June 18
Grades 2 & 310:00 to 11:00Friday June 19
Grades 4 & 511:30 to 12:30Thursday June 18


Families with children in more than one grade may choose one time. If alternate arrangements are required, please send your request to .



K Dorey - Principal