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Synod - Online Survey Open Now!

February 07, 2022

Synod logo.pngIn October 2021, the entire Church entered into a synod opened by Pope Francis: For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, & Mission

All people are invited to provide feedback to the local Church. 


We are asking all ALCDSB to share your voice and be part of this worldwide survey!


This is a brief survey with three questions;

  1. What is your experience of the Church?
  2. How does the Church help you?
  3. What can the Church do differently?



Our goal is to have as many ALCDSB community members as possible complete the survey.  ALCDSB stakeholders are asked to provide honest feedback to the Archdiocese.  Submissions will remain anonymous via the Archdiocesan website.  Responses will be reviewed by the Archdiocese, and a summary document will be sent to Rome, which will help inform Pope Francis’ Exhortation at the conclusion of the synod.  Prior to completing the survey, please watch the short video Synod on Synodality – All You Need to Know.

For more information, please visit: