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Meeting With A Councellor

The Student Services Department at Holy Cross provides assistance to students in the following ways:​
  • Academic counseling – assisting in course selection; determining the appropriate academic level and effecting changes where necessary; long-term planning of the students’ high school programs, taking into account the requirements of the Secondary School Diploma.
  • Career counseling - providing the tools for the students to research post-secondary options ( e.g. relevant websites and counseling students concerning future plans).
  • Personal counseling – usually of a short-term nature (e.g. adjustment to high school, social problems and/or academic issues)

To Make an Appointm​ent:​

  1. Students can request appointments with a counselor by filling in an appointment slip. These slips are found in the Student Services Department.
  2. Students fill out a slip indicating their name, their homeroom teacher, and their counsellor’s name.
  3. They then place it in their counsellor’s basket.
  4. Students need to return the next morning to pick up the appointment slip which indicates the day and time of their appointment.
  5. They must then present the slip to their classroom teacher to be excused from their class for their appointment. Counselors are assigned to students alphabetically by grade. The list of counselor assignments is posted in Student Services.