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Student Artwork Highlights the Struggles Faced by Persons with Disabilities

May 29, 2023

Jarrell.jpgFrom Sunday, May 28 to Saturday, June 3 the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board (ALCDSB) is recognizing National AccessAbility Week as an opportunity to reflect on ongoing efforts to become a better, more accessible, more inclusive Catholic Learning Community. 

Jarell Gadon, Grade 10 student at St. Paul Catholic School in Trenton is a leading example.  The soapstone and wire sculpture he created as a classroom assignment encapsulates the everyday struggles experienced by people with disabilities. 

β€œMost of my art tends to be two dimensional, realistic, or semi realistic drawings, I really enjoy using media such as pencil, pencil crayon and pen & ink, but for this piece the shape of the soapstone just sort of spoke to me. I saw it as both an obstacle and pathway and the idea of a 3-D wheelchair and ramp was born,” he said. 

Title: Disabled Ramp, 2022  
Artist Statement: 

This sculpture represents the hassle and trouble that people with disabilities go through in their everyday life.  The ramp is very broken and wrecked with cracks and holes all around. The eyes on the side of the ramp represent the judgment of others towards people who are differently abled.