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Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Trustees

December 04, 2019

​Inaugural meeting Dec. 2019.jpg

[Pictured above L-R:Tom Dall, Vice-Chair of the Board, David DeSantis, Director of Education, Terry Shea, Chair of the Board, Michael Murphy, Chair of the Finance and Operations Committee]

A chair, vice-chair and chair of the Finance and Operations Committee have been elected at the ALCDSB's Inaugural Meeting of the Board held on December 3, 2019.

The Board of Trustees have elected Terry Shea as Chair of the Board, Tom Dall as Vice-Chair of the Board and Michael Murphy as Chair of the Finance and Operations Committee.

Terry Shea says he is humbled to be in the position of chairperson for ALCDSB for another year.

"In November 2018, 5 of our ten Trustees were new to the role. I am extremely proud of the level of engagement demonstrated by our new Trustees and am grateful to our returning Trustees for their ongoing involvement with our schools and the broader school community," Shea said in his inaugural address.

"Thank you for the trust you have placed in my leadership as Chair. It is through cooperation and commitment to our children by this whole Board that makes the job of Chair a challenge of which I accept with honour."

Shea says he looks forward to the year ahead and thanked all trustees and the senior team for their contribution to the education and faith development of children across ALCDSB.

The inaugural meeting of the board officially commences the 2020 Board Year.