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News Item

Holy Cross Honor Roll Presentation

November 11, 2019

students receiving their awards with Director of Education and trustees

On Wednesday November 6th, Holy Cross celebrated 269 students with having an over 80% average for the 2018-2019 school year. The highest overage all averages went to Grade 9 - Katie Everson, Grade 10 - Emma Saganowich and grade 11 was presented to Keegan Kelly.

Holy Cross was honoured to have ALCDSB Director of Education David DeSantis give the keynote address and present awards. In addition, ALCDSB Trustees Brian Evoy and Michael Murphy attended the ceremony.

Five Students were also honoured for their achievements in the Waterloo provincial math contest. Luca McCullough and Adam McKinley  received a Certificate of Distinction for their performance in the Grade 9 Pascal math contest and Adam also received a school medal. Andelica DeCastro and Aidan Tulk received a Certificate of Distinction for the Grade 10 Cayley math contest and Aidan also received a school medal. Keegan Kelly received a Certificate of Distinction and a school medal for the Fermat math contest.

(Photo left to right: grade 12 student Keegan Kelly, Trustee Murphy, grade 11 student Emma Saganowich, Director DeSantis, grade 10 student Katie Everson, and Trustee Evoy.)