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See Me in ALCDSB – Student Census

​​​​​​​Our first-ever student census took place from May 9 to 27, 2022.  The information that ​students and families shared will help us build on the work we are already doing to support equity, well-being and success for all students and provide a way to measure the impact of that work.

See Me in ALCDSB Survey Revised

From October 23-27, 2023, the ALCDSB conducted a revised and updated version of the See Me in ALCDSB Survey. By releasing a follow up student survey for students in Grades 7-12, the Board will have the data required to better serve its diverse student population. Questions regarding gender identification and sexual orientation were reformatted to present a clearer picture of our student demographic.

​The survey collected student demographic and identity data, including information about language, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and more, including​ questions about school experience. ​

The data was collected from a population level alongside other data we had previously collected, to identify systemic barriers that students face in our school system. Staff are not able to see individual student responses to the survey. 

To review the survey questions click here.​

How we will use the data
We will analyze the student census data alongside other existing datasets. This analysis will support ongoing community conversations about equity and support for students. It’ll help us plan what we can do to remove barriers students face, and make sure programs, supports, and opportunities best align with what students need. The data will also allow us to measure the impact of changes we make. 

This analysis will likely also interest social services agencies working in our communities and other community partners. Many factors in communities affect whether individuals and families have access to services and opportunities, feel a sense of belonging and feel safe. We need to work together to address any gaps this census data and other data sources help uncover. ​

Resources to support you​
Talking to your kids about equity 
Why this data matters 
Connecting with community and supporting your child

If you have additional questions about the student census, please visit our FAQ page​.