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Remote Learning FAQ



1. My login and password don’t work, what should I do? 

Contact your teacher or Kathleen Macpherson ( to have it reset.

2. I don’t see my current D2L course on my Virtual Commons, what do I do? 

Contact your teacher by email.  The teacher may not have activated the course yet, or you may be missing from their list and they can add you in.

3. I only see one of my D2L courses on the Virtual Commons, where are the other ones? 

Your teachers from future Octomester courses likely haven’t activated those courses yet to enable you to see them.  This will likely happen prior to the start dates of the individual courses.  Once a course starts, if you still can’t see it, contact your teacher.

4. I’m at home sick and not a remote learner but I want to connect live to the class while at home so I don’t fall behind.  What do I do?   

Email your teacher and ask if this is ok.  Follow the directions on the previous pages in this document to learn how to connect live. 

5. I requested to join the meeting for my class in Microsoft teams, but it says I might have to wait for the organizer to let me in. Is this normal? 

Yes. When you request to join a meeting you will be waiting in the lobby until your teacher admits you into the meeting. If you are late for class, the lesson has likely begun and it may take longer for your teacher to admit you.  ​