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Transition to Grade 9

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"Fairness is not Sameness " 


Transitions are difficult for all of us. Often the transition to high school results in a dip in academic achievement and a spike in social anxiety. At RND, our goal is to communicate with the students grade 8 teachers to connect our incoming students matching the appropriate supports with the student's needs. Our ministry transitions guidelines document includes a tab for parent to access information about a variety of services available to parent/guardians. It has information from the ministry about new programs available and tips and tricks to help you chid transition more successfully.  Learn about how to get involved with your child's transition, including applying for grants.    Click here for Ministry Transitions document. 


The transition from elementary to secondary school is generally considered to be one of the most challenging for adolescents, both with and without LDs. This practice-informed summary focuses on the key considerations and steps to support a successful transition from elementary school to secondary school for students with LDs. Click here for website. 


Choosing Courses For Grade 9 


It is important that students choose grade 9 courses that reflect their strengths, interests and learning styles. Below is a description of the 3 pathways through high school. It is important to make the appropriate choices to better position a student for success! 

Chart for choosing your initial Pathways



Partner Schools 

 RND Special Education Department aims to facilitate the process of transitioning into high school through strong communication.  

In May, our team visits partner schools to case conference about each child's academic performance and there, we determine the level will result in the greatest success for the student.   

Upon receiving and reviewing the students IEP, a form is sent home asking for specific information and input form the caregiver and the student to update the IEP for the upcoming year.  We ask for recommendations and suggestions about various aspects of the student, both personal and academic for the parent/guardian perspective. 


Non Partner Schools 


Information is vital to us if we are to develop an appropriate timetable for all new students for next year. The sooner that we receive information, the more likely we can program appropriately for your student.  We make every effort to communicate with teachers from non-partner schools. Please contact our special education department if your child has an IEP.  


A transition program for incoming ninth graders. Last year, over 250 of ninth graders attended the program. A-Head Start provides an amazing orientation program with valuable numeracy and literacy skill building classes.  Very often students’ skills and knowledge base become a little ‘rusty’ over the summer. As it happens naturally to everyone, after a couple of months students forget things. A-Head Start will re-fresh their memories, strengthen their existing skills, and advance their math skills all in one week.  As part of the many orientation activities, our students participate in scavenger hunts (literacy based) and in fun school spirit building activities that help them form new friendships before school starts.  They will get their books, lockers, ninth grader t-shirts, free Kingston Transit photo bus pass and bus safety lessons on an actual bus ride.  The week is full of fun activities to keep our new panthers excited and ready for high school. 


The A-Head Start program runs the final week of August to allow incoming student the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the physical layout of the school, meet current teachers and make new peer connections. Students also get to engage in some game based curriculum review. Look for registration forms in the spring.  


A-Head Start Website:

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MyBlueprint is an online tool used in many Grade 8 schools to explore personal interests and strengths with a focus on career path.    All RND students have access to a myBlueprint account. Using the online educational planning tool, students begin the process of exploring education and career choices throughout high school, and in grade 10 Careers course. Course selections also take place using this online tool.  

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