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Student Success

Making the Transition to High School

Every student learns differently. Now, in addition to SHSM, IB and Cooperative Education, there are exciting new ways for them to participate in high school and earn the credits they need.   

Student Success Teams

Student Success Teams work with school staff, students, parents and the wider community to ensure that, together, we help more students earn the credit necessary to graduate. A new addition to secondary schools is the Student Success Teacher who advocates and mentors students, monitors students, and develops interventions for struggling students. Such interventions may include credit rescue, credit recovery, and other opportunities. 

The Credit Recovery Program (CRP)

The Credit Recovery Program is designed for students who are most at risk of falling behind in their credit accumulation and leaving school without an Ontario Secondary School Diploma as a result. The CRP provides a student who has failed a credit a second opportunity to meet grade level expectations to achieve the same credit. Eligibility of a student to participate in CRP will be determined by the factors which impacted on the student's lack of success the first time through the credit, the student's program pathway, the student's overall academic performance, and the principal's discretion.