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Allergy Alert

May 14, 2019
This is a reminder to all students and staff that we are attempting to be a safe environment for all students by reducing unnecessary opportunities for students to come in contact with food allergens which can cause anaphyllaxis. So please remember the follow rules for daily life at NCC: 1. Pack peanut free lunches, just like you or your parents did while attending elementary school. 2. Absolutely NO food may be consumed in the hallways. 3. Food may only be eaten in the Cafeteria, Room 108 (for those who need a quieter space) or the Student Success Room while completing school work over the lunch hour. Staff have been given some lenience to allow students to eat in other classrooms over the lunch hour for the purposes of receiving extra help or attending a lunch hour meeting, with the express understanding that the teacher takes on the responsibility of ensuring that safe lunches are being consumed and cleanup is completed afterwards. Thanks for your attention to this. Please help to keep one another on track while we continue to establish good habits of practice.